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COVID-19 Transcript Hardships

Note that the COVID-19 Transcript Hardships process will no longer be available starting on July 30, 2020. You must send official transcripts for all institutions. See Sending Official Transcripts to AACOMAS for more information.


AACOMAS understands that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, some applicants may not be able to obtain official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. To assist applicants with this hardship, AACOMAS will grant some applicants an exception and allow them to upload unofficial transcripts instead. If you believe you need this exception, follow the steps below. Note that some schools may still require official transcripts before they review your application. 

If you can have your official transcripts sent to AACOMAS from all colleges and universities attended, you do not need to pursue the exemption process. Select Yes and click Save and Continue. Do not upload any unofficial transcripts to the Documents section. 

Note that you can submit your unofficial transcript only once through the COVID-19 Transcript Hardships process. If you want to submit an updated official transcript, you must have your institution send AACOMAS the official transcript. See Sending Official Transcripts to AACOMAS and Updating Your AACOMAS Application for more information.

Requesting an Exception

If you are not able to have official transcripts sent from each college or university attended, select No. Then, indicate if you already visited each institution's website for COVID-19 guidance and attempted to contact each institution to request official transcripts. If you haven't attempted this yet, you must visit your institution's website to review their COVID-19 guidance. Most institutions have staff working remotely to fulfill official transcript requests. If no guidance is available, contact them via email as they may be unable to respond to phone inquiries. You must attempt to contact each institution electronically prior to requesting an exception. 

Once you performed the steps above, select Yes and enter each college or university that you need an exception for. Then, indicate your agreement with the Transcript Exception Certification statement and click Save and Continue.

Next, go to the Documents section of the application and upload the unofficial versions of your transcripts. 

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