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What is Verification?

This page applies to: AACPMAS


Verification is the process used to ensure all of your coursework was entered correctly and consistently. Since credit values, grade values, and course subjects vary widely from school to school, your programs need some type of standardization so they can accurately compare applicants. This standardization is achieved by using your coursework to create a standard set of GPAs, ensuring you are compared to other applicants fairly and equally. 

Several things happen during Verification:

If significant mistakes are found in your application during the Verification process, your application will be undelivered, or returned to you for corrections.


Once all of your required application materials are received, your application's status changes to Complete and your application is placed in line to be verified. Verifications occur in chronological order and on average take two weeks to complete. Once your application is verified, you will receive a notification and your application's status will change to Verified

When to Contact Customer Service

Contact customer service (617-612-2900) if it has been more than two weeks from the date your application's status changed to Complete and your application has not yet been verified. If it has been less than two weeks, please be patient as we work toward verifying your application. 

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