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Complete Status

A Complete Status Date indicates that the applicant submitted their application, paid the application fee, and the current graduate transcripts have been received by AAPI. This status also indicates that the DCT hours form was submitted by the DCT.

View All

Click View All to view an alphabetical list of all applicants who applied to your site. This allows you to set applicant decisions in a streamlined manner.  


Dissertation Status

This search displays applicants with a Completed dissertation status only. 


This search shows all applicants with a specified hours type. 

Treatment Settings

Select Settings, Hours, or Ranges to use this search. If you select Settings, the search results will show the entire list of applicants who entered Intervention hours and/or Assessment hours for that particular setting. If you select Hours, all applicants with that particular hours type will display. If you select a particular Range (e.g., 0-40), you must also select a treatment setting and/or hour type. 

Accreditation Status

If you select Accredited, applicants with the following statuses will display in the search results:

  • Accredited
  • Accredited, On Probation
  • Accredited, Inactive

If you select Not Accredited, applicants that are outside the above three categories (i.e., Not Accredited, N/A, or blank) will display. 


Reviewers can use comments to provide additional notes about a particular applicant. Each comment includes the name of the user who posted it and the date and time it was posted. When viewing the list of applicants, the Comment column will show the date on which the last comment was added for an applicant. Reviewers can sort by the Lasted Updated Comment column. Once a comment is saved, it cannot be deleted. 


As selection officers, you can set decisions for individual applicants. These decisions will be viewed by your selection committee and faculty. Applicants cannot access them. The following decisions are available:

  • Under review
  • Review completed
  • Invited to interview
  • Not invited to interview
  • Interviewed and not ranked
  • Ranked
  • More information required
  • Incomplete application
  • Late application
  • Rejected
  • Hold
  • Wait List
  • Withdrew


The Documents tab contains the transcripts and letter(s) of recommendation that were entered by the applicants. Once a document is received, a date will populate.

Applicant Tags

Tags are a means of labeling and categorizing individual applicants and can be used alongside local search variables. They are defined by the training director, and applied to the applicants by the reviewing panel. Under TD Tools, the Training Director will add any number of tags relevant to his or her site’s specific internship needs. Any number of tags may be assigned to one applicant, and each tag can be accompanied by a description, viewable only by the Training Director.

On the Application Status page, each application has a list of tags. Click the Assign Tag button to allow a selections officer to add or remove tags from the applicant. Any number of tags can be added this way, one at a time. Once all applicants have any required tags, they can be recalled in groups through the Search page. Three separate fields can be filled with tag-names, filtering applicants to only those bearing the tags. These search criteria can be combined with any criteria already supported in the search page.

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