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Selection Decisions

View/Set All

This page provides a list of all applicants (including those with both submitted and completed applications) along with an indication of the Selection Decision for each individual. Selection Decisions are simply labels that help you identify where each applicant is in the selection process. They are not viewable by applicants.

To change the selection decision for one or more applicants, select a new decision from the drop-downs and click Save.

Group Update by Local Status

This page allows you to change all applicants with a particular Local status to have the Selection Decision that you designate. For more information about local statuses, see the description in the Training Director Tools section.

For example, let’s say that you define the local status option to designate which individual on your staff is reviewing each application. Thus, you might have local status options of “Dr. Smith” (meaning that Dr. Smith is reviewing that application), “Dr. Jones,” and “Dr. Johnson.” Once Dr. Johnson finishes her reviews, you could use this page to change all applicants with the local status of “Dr. Johnson” to “Review Completed.”

To do this, select the local status of the applicants you want to change from the drop-down. Then, select a new Selection Decision and click Next to preview the changes. Be sure to click Save to save your changes. 

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