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The Define Tags option is a feature that allows you to classify your applicants using labels that you define. While it is not a requirement to use this feature, many Training Directors will find it helpful in classifying their applicants.

There are many ways to use tags when reviewing applicants. For example, you can use it to designate the tracks at your site to which each applicant is applying. Let's say you had three tracks at your site: Adult, Child, and Neuropsych. You could define three tag options with these titles, and then assign the appropriate tag to each applicant in your pool. 

Another use for the tag option is to designate who on your staff is reviewing each application. Let's say that you have two reviewers, Reviewer A and Reviewer B, and you want to assign half of your applications to each reviewer. You could create tags of Reviewer A and Reviewer B, and assign those tags accordingly. These reviewers can then filter the applicants that are assigned to them, by using the search function with their tag. Please note that you can assign multiple tags to an applicant and you can search by up to three tags at a time. 

In order to define the tags criteria for your site, you first need to click the Define Tags link on the left side of page. Then, click Add New Record. You can then define the name of the tag and its description. You can define as many or as few tags as you wish. When viewing the list of tags, you can change any option by clicking on the blue box to the right, or you may delete it by clicking on the red x on the right.

List Reviewers

A reviewer is a staff/faculty member at the internship site (other than the Training Director) who needs access to the AAPI Online Selection Portal in order to review application materials. You may use the Add Reviewers option (see below) to identify these staff/faculty members and to assign each a unique login name and password. Once you provide the login information to your staff, they can log in to the selection portal and review applications. You should not give out your own user name and password to any other individual.

You can make changes to any reviewer by clicking the blue + sign in the Edit column. You cannot delete a reviewer, but you can make her/him inactive by clicking the Yes link in the Active column. Making a reviewer inactive removes her/his ability to login to the Selection Portal.

Add Reviewer

Use this option to add a new reviewer and assign them a unique user name and password. 

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