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Applicant Match Number


Applicants applying to programs that participate in the APPIC Match must register for the Match and receive a unique, five-digit Applicant Code Number to participate. Please note that APPIC Match registration is a completely separate process from the AAPI registration. In other words, applicants must register separately for both the AAPI AND the APPIC Match.

Registration for the Match is handled by National Matching Services, Inc. (NMS). The Match registration fee is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to future Matches. If you aren't yet sure that you will participate in the Match (e.g., you may not meet departmental requirements in time to participate), you may want to delay your Match registration until you are certain you will participate.

We recommend that applicants register for the Match by December 1, 2024, although registrations can be accepted after that date if necessary. Match registrations that occur on or after January 1, 2025 will require your DCT's written authorization.

Please note that you are NOT registered for the APPIC Match until you complete the online Match registration process and receive your Applicant Code Number from NMS.

Register for the Match

Register for the Match and receive your Applicant Code Number. Once you receive your number, enter it in the Applicant Code Number for the APPIC Match field and click Save and Continue.

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