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In this section, you can enter your licenses, certifications, publications, and presentations. If you have no licenses, certifications, publications, or presentations to report, click the This section was intentionally left blank checkbox.


Enter any valid mental health licenses or certifications and select the jurisdiction from the drop-down. Note that most applicants will leave this section blank.


Enter the number of articles you have published in refereed journals (i.e., publications where articles are evaluated or "refereed" by individuals who are considered to be experts in the area of study) and number of books or book chapters you have authored. Articles or chapters that were co-authored can be listed in this section, regardless of the order in which your name appears.

Complete citation of each article, book, or book chapter should be listed in APA format on your CV.


Enter the number of professional presentations you have delivered at regional, state, national, or international meetings or conferences. You can include presentations that involved other presenters, regardless of the order in which your name appeared in the conference announcement. 

Complete citation of each presentation should be listed in APA format on your CV.

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