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Supervision Received

Use this section to document the amount of time that you have spent receiving supervision.

For the purposes of this section, supervision can be provided by licensed psychologists, licensed allied mental health providers (e.g., social workers, marriage and family therapists, psychiatrists), and advanced doctoral students whose supervision is supervised by a licensed psychologist. Supervision activity involves a formal evaluative component, and may include both supervision received as an individual (i.e., one-to-one) and within a group. Supervision that you have provided to less advanced students should not be recorded in this section, and may instead be reported in the Intervention Experience section.

Please note that the Total Supervision Hours for individual and group are automatically calculated from the numbers that you entered under Supervision Received.

Individual Supervision

Individual supervision is defined as regularly scheduled, one-on-one, face-to-face supervision with the specific intent of overseeing the psychological services rendered by the supervisee.

Group Supervision

Group supervision is defined as regularly scheduled, face-to-face supervision with multiple supervisees, with the specific intent of overseeing the psychological services rendered by the supervisees.

Didactic Components

Many excellent practicum courses incorporate both didactic and experiential components in the course activity. While the didactic portion is excellent training, it should not be recorded as a supervision activity; instead, report it in the Support Activities section. This may necessitate dividing the hours spent in a practicum course into intervention, supervision, and didactic activities by actual course hours. For example, if you present on the “Psychosocial Issues of HIV Infection” using examples of cases, it is a didactic activity. Similarly, Grand Rounds that consist of in-service education on specific topics would not be considered supervision, but would be considered a support activity.

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