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Additional Information and Practicum Experiences

Treatment Settings

In this section, summarize the practicum experience that you entered in the Intervention Experience section by the setting in which it occurred. You should include only those hours that qualify as practicum experience and involve either assessment or intervention. “Qualified practicum experience” is that which has been formally sanctioned by your graduate program.

Note that the Total Hours columns are automatically calculated from the numbers that you entered in other columns.

Diverse Populations

In this section, specify your practicum experience with diverse populations in a professional therapy/counseling/assessment capacity. Indicate the number of clients seen for assessment and intervention for each of the diverse populations listed. You may not have information for some of your clients/patients on some of the items, so only indicate the information that is known.

Please note that this section is NOT intended to thoughtlessly categorize the clients/patients you have seen in a one-dimensional fashion. Instead, it is intended to provide those reviewing your application a general sense of the amount of clinical and assessment experience you have had with persons from various diverse populations. It is understood that human beings are much more complex than a single demographic criteria, such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

Include under the assessment column those clients/patients for whom you performed assessments and/or intake interviews. For this section, you can include a single client/patient in more than one category and/or more than one column, as appropriate. For families, couples, and groups, please count each individual as a separate client/patient.

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