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Selecting ADEA PASS Programs

Before Selecting a Program

  • Check each program's deadline requirements. Ensure you have enough time to apply. Determine if your selected programs require additional evaluations, transcripts, or other supplementary materials; if so, these materials must be received prior to the program's deadline for your application to be considered complete.
  • Confirm your eligibility. Research the program and determine if you are eligible to apply. Contact the program directly if you have any questions regarding your eligibility.
  • Confirm that the program still has seats available. If applying to a program after the deadline has passed, confirm the program is still reviewing applications before you apply. We cannot offer refunds if a program you selected will not review your application, nor can we transfer the payment to another program.

Selecting a Program

  1. Click Add Program at the top of the application home page.
  2. Use the filters to locate the programs you are interested in applying to.
  3. Click the plus sign next to a program to add it to your program list. If you want to remove a program and only have one selected, you need to add the second program before you can remove the first one.
  4. Continue adding programs as desired.
  5. Begin filling out the application. Before submitting, be sure to review your program list to make sure you are applying to all your intended programs.

Note that by submitting your application, you are committing to applying to your selected programs. You cannot substitute or remove submitted programs after submissions. Additionally, we do not offer refunds for selections made in error and we do not transfer payments to another program.

After submission, you can continue to add and apply to programs until February 14, 2025.

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