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In this section, you can enter any relevant professional or academic achievements in several categories, or types. Review the definitions below, consider the achievement you earned, and choose the category that you think best fits.

Although you can enter any achievements that you believe are relevant to your application, we recommend focusing on those achievements within the last 10 years and at the collegiate level and above.

Achievement Types


Awards received as a prize, such as trophies and medals.


Honors received as a special distinction for work done, including Dean's List and memberships in honor societies.


Presentations delivered in person and virtually, at on-campus and regional and national conferences, or in public-speaking engagements.


Any work publicized through media organizations, including newspapers and journals.

Add an Achievement

  1. Click Add An Achievement.
  2. Select the type of achievement.
  3. Enter the name of the achievement.
  4. Enter the name of the organization that presented the achievement, if applicable.
  5. Enter the issued date.
  6. Enter a brief description, especially if the achievement is not clear based on its title. You can also note if any special circumstances surrounded it. If your achievement was awarded multiple times (e.g., Dean's List), use this field to explain that instead of creating multiple instances.
  7. Click Save This Achievement. Your saved achievements will not display in any particular order, regardless of the order or dates you enter.

Note that once you submit your application, you cannot edit or remove your achievements; however, you can continue to add new achievements, as needed.

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