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Exporting Evaluation Results


APTA Clinical Performance Instruments allows you to export your raw evaluation data into a CSV or Excel file. To export data:

  1. Navigate to the Evaluations tab and click Export Evaluation Results.

    export eval results.png
  2. Select the checkboxes for the evaluation(s) you'd like to export, then click Create Export.
  3. Enter a name for your export in the Export Name field.
  4. Choose your file type. You can export the data in a .csv (Comma Separated Values) file, or .xls (Excel spreadsheet). We recommend selecting Comma Separated Values, as exporting to Excel can cause numbers to be treated as text.
  5. Select either APTA Formatted or CPI 2.0 Formatted from the Instrument Scale drop-down. The keys for these scales are listed below.
    • Note: the APTA Clinical Performance Instruments Scale is used when the students/CIs enter the ratings using APTA Clinical Performance Instruments.
  6. Select the evaluation type (Student or CI), evaluation status (In Progress or Completed), and the evaluation part (Midterm or Final) to export.
  7. Select either the rating checkbox, comment checkbox, or both for all of the criteria that you want to export.
  8. Click the Run Export link.
  9. The export takes a few minutes to run. If desired, you may continue working in other tabs, then return to the Downloads tab to download the file.

The downloaded file contains information about the CIs/SCCEs, along with the performance data for the students.

Note: to count the number of credentialed CIs in Excel, you can use a formula like this one: =countifs(N2:N245, "Yes") 

  • The "N" information relates to the column you are trying to count.
  • “2-245” represents the range of cells you are counting in the column.
  • "Yes" represents the non-numerical value that you are counting. For example, to find the number of CIs that weren't credentialed, replace "Yes" with "No" in the above formula. If there are two CIs evaluating one student, you can substitute “No, No”; “No, Yes”; “Yes, No”; and “Yes, Yes” as both CIs credentials will appear on the same row.

Instrument Scale Key

APTA Scale Description
0 Beginner
1 Beginner Interval
2 Advanced Beginner
3 Advanced Beginner Interval
4 Intermediate
5 Intermediate Interval
6 Advanced Intermediate
7 Advanced Intermediate Interval
8 Entry Level
9 Entry Level Interval
10 Beyond Entry Level


APTA Clinical Performance Instruments 2.0 (21 pt Scale) Description
1 Beginner
2-4 Beginner Interval
5 Advanced Beginner
6-8 Advanced Beginner Interval
9 Intermediate
10-12 Intermediate Interval
13 Advanced Intermediate
14-16 Advanced Intermediate Interval
17 Entry Level
18-20 Entry Level Interval
21 Beyond Entry Level
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