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Creating a Group Email Using APTA Clinical Performance Instruments

APTA Clinical Performance Instruments allows you to send information to your students, assigned instructors, and SCCEs via Group Email. To send an email:

  1. Navigate to the Group Emails tab and click New Group Email. 
  2. From the recipient list page, select a filter from the dropdown.

    Filter Option


    User Role (most popular)

    Allows you to select the type of user that should be a recipient of the message (Students, Assigned Instructors, SCCEs). You can select one or several of the associated checkboxes.

    Evaluations (most popular)

    Allows you to target recipients based on the assignment pairings created in the Eval Setup tab for a particular evaluation.

    APTA Training Verified

    Allows you to target users who have or have not verified their APTA Clinical Performance Instruments Training Completion in APTA Clinical Performance Instruments.

    SCCEs/CIs by State

    Allows you to target SCCEs and CIs who are affiliated with a site in a particular state.

    • Note: If the State field isn’t populated for a Site in the Sites tab, those SCCEs/CIs will not appear in the list.
  3. Once you've selected a filter from the dropdown, and made the appropriate selections, click Generate List to view the list of recipients.
  4. Repeat the previous steps as necessary to use multiple filters and further narrow your recipient list.
    • Note: If you select the Evaluations filter, you have the option to select the Instrument Completion filter. This allows you to target recipients based on whether or not they have completed and signed-off on the midterm or final APTA Clinical Performance Instruments.
  5. To remove a filter, click the trash can icon.
  6. If you need to remove a specific user from the recipient list, select the corresponding checkbox in the Remove column. Their email address then appears in a Remove the following email addresses window. Once you finish making selections, click Generate List to remove the users from the recipient list.
  7. If you need to add specific users to the recipient list, click Add to List and enter the email addresses in the window that appears. When ready, click Generate List to add the users to the recipient list.
    • Note: Manually added email addresses only receive the Group Email if they are linked to an APTA Clinical Performance Instruments account.
  8. When you are satisfied with the recipient list, click Edit Group Email to edit the message before sending it.
  9. The Sender Name and Sender Address show the name of the person who is generating the message.
  10. Select the dropdowns for the Top Header Image and Bottom Header Image to adjust the text on the image accompanying your email.
  11. Change the message subject to the title that you want to appear when the recipients view the email message in their inbox.
  12. Enter your message into the email body.
  13. You can add mail merge terms to the body of the message to personalize the message to your recipients. With the cursor placed in the email body, click the appropriate mail merge term. APTA Clinical Performance Instruments replaces the icon in the email body with the appropriate data for the intended recipient.
  14. Attachment Documents allow you to include a link in the email body to one of the pre-determined, commonly used PDF documents. With the cursor placed in the body of your email, click the appropriate attachment document. APTA Clinical Performance Instruments replaces the icon in the email with the appropriate link to the PDF document.
    • Note: You are unable to attach your own documents using the Group Email feature.
  15. Once the email body is completed, click Save Changes Without Sending. This saves your work and allows you to preview your message prior to sending it. If you navigate away from this page prior to saving or sending the message, your message will not be saved.
  16. Once you're redirected to the list of emails that you've created/sent, click the icon in the Preview column to view how the message will display to your recipients.
  17. Click the Edit link to make any changes.
  18. Click Send Email Now to send the message immediately. APTA Clinical Performance Instruments adds the message to a queue to be sent within 20 minutes.
  19. Click Schedule Email to select the date, time, and frequency that you wish to send the message. All times are Eastern Time. After making the appropriate selections, click Schedule Email. If you do not wish to schedule the email to be sent, click Cancel Scheduling.
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