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When Multiple CIs are Assigned to Evaluate a Student in APTA Clinical Performance Instruments

When multiple CIs are assigned to evaluate one student, keep in mind:

  • Only one APTA Clinical Performance Instrument is created. All CIs work on the CI portion of the evaluation and the student works on one self-evaluation.
  • Each CI has a separate comment field for all of the criteria. They can view what other CIs have written, but they cannot edit other CI’s comments.
  • CIs share one rating scale for each criterion. A CI can edit the rating that was selected by another CI.
  • Minimally, a criterion must have at least one CI comment field completed and a rating selected. For example, if one CI comments on the APTA Clinical Performance Instrument and another CI agrees with the comments, the other CI doesn't need to enter any comments on the evaluation.
  • Once all of the section sign offs are checked and the evaluation is listed as Completed, any CI can sign off that the evaluation is completed by clicking Sign off in the Actions column in the Evaluations tab. 
  • Once a CI signs off on the evaluation, the evaluation is locked for all CIs.
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