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Editing APTA Clinical Performance Instruments

After verifying your completion of the training, all sections of the APTA Clinical Performance Instruments appear.

Click Edit Now on the right to edit one criterion at a time or click Expand All to edit all criteria at the same time.

Click View Sample Behaviors, View Introduction, and View Instructions to view the details of how to fill out the APTA Clinical Performance Instruments.

For an APTA glossary definition of key terms within the Performance Dimensions and Anchor Points on the APTA Rating Scale, hover your mouse over any underlined word.

Add desired comments and select the rating using the slider.

When you are done editing a section, click the Section Sign Off checkbox.

Saving occurs automatically in APTA Clinical Performance Instruments as you click away or tab to the next section on an evaluation. For example, when you click in a text box and enter your comments for a criterion, then click on the rating scale, the comments section that was just completed is automatically saved. Saving is indicated by a green checkmark that appears next to the item that was saved. When you select or change a rating, the information is automatically saved. This simplifies and streamlines the saving process. 

Note: If you see a red X instead of a green checkmark when you are editing a comment box, rating, or section sign-off, this indicates that the item(s) you were working on failed to save. This can be caused by a firewall/network IT policy that periodically runs a task on the network and disables some website functionality from working correctly, including the auto-save feature. To work around this:

  1. Copy and paste any comments associated with the criteria into a document outside of APTA Clinical Performance Instruments.
  2. Make note of any ratings and where they were located so that you can re-enter them correctly.
  3. Log out of APTA Clinical Performance Instruments by clicking Log Out in the upper right corner of the page.
  4. Close all your internet browsers.
  5. Reopen your browser and log back in to APTA Clinical Performance Instruments.
  6. Return to the edit portion of your evaluation.
  7. Paste the comments from your document into the evaluation. A green checkmark for each criterion now appears.