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Creating a Critical Incident Report Using APTA Clinical Performance Instruments

A Critical Incident Report is completed by the CI on the student to indicate a specific incident that occurred during the clinical experience. A Critical Incident Report must be submitted as part of the Midterm or Final and associated with a criterion.

To create a Critical Incident Report:

  1. Navigate to the Evals tab and click the applicable Edit link.

    edit eval 1.jpg
  2. Click Edit Now on the appropriate criterion, then click Critical Incident.

    critical incident.jpg
  3. Without reflecting any biases, use the Behavior, Antecedent, Consequence, and Comments text boxes to clearly and concisely record the details of the incident.
  4. Once you are finished recording the incident, click Submit Critical Incident

    submit critical incident.jpg
  5. When a Critical Incident report is properly submitted, a You have successfully filed a Critical Incident Report prompt appears. If this text doesn't appear, click Submit Critical Incident again.

    saved critical incident.jpg

Once submitted, a Critical Incident Report notification is emailed to the SCCE, ACCE, and student.

To view or add additional comments to any completed Critical Incident Reports, navigate to the Critical Incidents tab.