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APTA Clinical Assessment Ordering

Ordering the APTA Clinical Assessment Suite Online

By renewing your subscription each year, you retain access to the system and can continue to create evaluations, match students and CIs, and export data.

To renew your subscription online:

  1. Go to our online ordering website.
  2. Select the checkboxes associated with the product(s) that you wish to purchase.
    • All of the products will continue to be sold on an individual basis.
    • If you are purchasing both APTA Clinical Performance Instruments and APTA Clinical Site Profiles, please select both checkboxes on the online order form.
  3. Select the type of subscription.
  4. Enter the contact information for the program and contact.

    apta online ordering 1.png
  5. Select your payment method.
  6. Complete Tax Exemption eligibility.
  7. After reading the Terms of Service, check I agree to the Terms of Service.

    apta online ordering 2.png
  8. Click Next Page.
    • If paying by credit card, enter the appropriate credit card and billing contact information and click Pay.
    • If requesting an invoice to be emailed, you’ll need to enter the appropriate billing contact information and click Submit.

A confirmation email is sent to the email address listed on the form for all orders. Check your Spam or Junk Mail folder if you don't receive this within ten minutes. If you requested an invoice to pay by check, it will be emailed to your billing contact within one week.

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