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Copying an Existing Site Survey

If you oversee multiple clinical facilities, you can use the Copy Existing Site Survey feature.

  1. After you have completed your first APTA Clinical Site Profile (i.e., site survey), click the Select a Site dropdown.
  2. Select a new site whose APTA Clinical Site Profiles you wish to complete.
  3. Select Start New Site Survey, then Copy Existing Site Survey.
  4. Click Copy Existing Site Survey to be connected to a Clone Site Survey page.
  5. Select the site from which you wish to copy your APTA Clinical Site Profiles information.
  6. Click Copy Site Survey. The information from your original completed APTA Clinical Site Profiles will copy over into the blank APTA Clinical Site Profiles.

The following sections will not copy; instead, these sections should be populated based on the information found in APTA Clinical Performance Instruments.

  • Information for the Academic Program section in the Site Information tab
  • Information about the Clinical Teaching Faculty and Clinical Instructor Information sections in the Teaching Faculty tab

Additionally, once you copy a site survey, you must review each section and verify that the information is correct by clicking the This section has been completed checkbox under the Section Sign Off message. 

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