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Viewing APTA Clinical Site Profiles Online

To view APTA Clinical Site Profiles online:

  1. Click the Sites tab on your home page, then click [View CSIF Online] under the CSIF Completion Status column.
  2. The default view displays the sections on the Site Information tab. Click the desired View Now link to view a read-only version of the APTA Clinical Site Profiles for that section.
  3. To access the other sections of the survey, click the different tabs (e.g., Site Information, Teaching Faculty, Physical Therapy Services, Clinical Education Experiences, Information for Students) near the top of the page.
    • Note: when you hover your mouse over the various tabs, a list of the sections contained in that tab displays.
  4. When you are finished viewing the survey, click the Home tab in the upper left corner to navigate to your Home tab in APTA Clinical Performance Instruments.
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