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Viewing Your CPI and Signing Off on Your Student's CPI

To view your CPI, click the Evaluations tab, then click View in the Actions column.

Use the filters to view the comments from both the student and the CI at the same time.

In the Evaluations tab, you can also Sign Off on your student’s CPI indicating you’ve discussed the performance with your student.

Signing off on the CPI

Once you've completed all sections, sign off on your CPI. 

  1. To sign off, click the Evaluations tab, then click Sign Off in the Actions column.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to click the signature checkbox, then click Save.

Note: After signing off on the CPI, CIs can still make edits, then complete the final sign off. Students may only view the CI's CPI if they've also signed off on their own CPI.

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