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Updating Your ATCAS Application/Academic Update


Once you submit your application, most sections are locked to prevent edits. Updates you can make include:

  • Editing your contact information.
  • Editing your profile information (username, password, security question, etc.).
  • Adding programs with deadlines that have not yet passed.
  • Editing or deleting evaluations that remain incomplete. 
  • Adding new test scores, experiences, achievements, and/or certifications, if applicable (you are unable to edit or delete existing entries). 
  • Editing program materials for programs you have not yet submitted to (programs you have already submitted to will be locked).

If you have updates for other sections of your application, submit these updates directly to your programs.

Updating Your Coursework

After your application is verified, you can make updates to courses you listed as in progress or planned, as well as add courses that are planned for the next term. You cannot update terms that are already verified or add terms from previous years (e.g., you forgot to add a term from 2014). If you are updating coursework as a re-applicant, review Use an Existing ATCAS Account to Re-apply.

To update your coursework:

  1. Ensure your application's status is Verified. 
  2. Navigate to the Academic History section. 
  3. Click Transcript Entry
  4. Click Edit under the school you are updating. 
  5. Click the blue pencil next to the term you are updating (if you need to add a new term, click Add Term).
  6. Change the In Progress/Planned box to Completed.
  7. Update your courses, credits, and grades.
  8. Click Save All
  9. Click Update my application to send the updated information to your programs.

Additional Information

Timeframe for Updating Coursework

Your application status must be Verified before you can update your coursework. There is no timeline for updating your coursework; you can submit multiple updates until the close of the cycle. When you submit an update, you must move the entire term from in-progress to complete.

Transcript Requirements

Updated coursework will not be verified. In most cases you will not need to send updated transcripts; however, some programs require updated transcripts. They may ask you to send them to ATCAS or directly to the program. Contact your program directly for their requirements.  

Updating Your GPA

Since updated coursework is not verified, new grades will not be factored into your existing ATCAS GPA. However, your updated grades will be made available to your programs and they may choose to update your GPA locally. 

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