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Reviewing Applicants in Admissions

In Admissions, there are several roles available and many permissions that can be assigned.

Working in Admissions as a Reader

Readers are users who are given access to review applications. Readers, and other users with appropriate permissions, can be assigned to complete Evaluations Forms as part of their review process. An administrator determines the information Readers can view and the permissions they have.

Completing Review Forms

Once review forms have been created by an administrator and assigned to you, you can begin completing them.

To begin completing an review form:

  1. Navigate to the desired applicant from the Applications Grid.
  2. From the pane on the right, click the star icon.
  3. This opens the review pane.
  4. The review form that appears is the one established for the current Phase the application is in. Fill in your responses and click Save.completing-review-form.png

Review forms are completely customizable, so can require several different response types. These include:

  • Text: Allows you to type in a short text response.
  • Paragraph Text: Allows you to type a paragraph-length reply.
  • Multiple Choice: Presents you with multiple options to select from, and may also allow you to write in your own response.
  • Drop Down: Allows you to select the appropriate response from a dropdown menu.
  • Checkboxes: Allows you to check as many appropriate answers as necessary.
  • File Attachment: Allows you to upload a file in response to the question.
  • Date: Allows you to enter a date in response to the question.
  • Email Address: Allows you to respond with an email address.
  • Phone Number: Allows you to respond with a phone number.
  • Web URL: Allows you to respond with a URL.
  • Number: Allows you to enter a numeric response.
  • Scale: Allows you to rate the applicants on a given scale.
  • Table: Allows you to respond by filling answers into a table.
  • Address: Allows you to respond with an address.
  • Name: Allows you to respond with a name.


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