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Residency Reports


Residency Reports provide you with a visual representation of applicants’ residency-related information, both in and outside of the United States. These reports are helpful in identifying where your applicants are coming from and can be used to adjust your recruitment strategies. 

As you review the following reports, refer to the Working with Report Data page for specific information on filters and tooltips. 

Applicants by State of Residency

This report shows you the permanent state of residency that applicants self-reported in the application via the permanent address question. Each state’s color corresponds to its number of applicants, with shades of green indicating a higher number of applicants and shades of blue indicating a lower number. For example, the majority of applicants in the following report are from California, so it’s shaded green. These color codes allow you to quickly understand where your applicants live, without having to look at each state’s actual count of applicants. 

State of Residency.png

Non-US Applicants by Country of Citizenship – Map

This report provides a more targeted view of your non-US applicants. It reflects the non-US country of citizenship that applicants self-reported in the application. 

Non US Applicants by Country of Citizen.png


  • This report is based on country of citizenship, not on citizenship status. Therefore, applicants who select a foreign country of citizenship and also select US Citizen as their citizenship status will appear in the report.
  • An applicant can submit their application in more than once cycle and is therefore counted in each of the cycles.
  • The tooltip in this report includes a bar chart to display the breakdown of applicants by application cycle. The sum of counts for all cycles may not match the total for the country due to applicants applying in more than 1 cycle. For example, in the following map view of Nigeria, we see 8 applicants, but the tooltip shows us a breakdown of 10 applicants, indicating the same applicant(s) applied in more than one cycle:

    Map Differences.png

Applicants by County

This report shows you the permanent county of residence that applicants self-reported in the application via the permanent address question. Note that not all CASs include a county question in the application. 

Apps by County.png

Residency Report Example Scenario

Travel Ban

Andrea, the Admissions Director, has just learned of a travel ban that will prevent citizens of certain countries from entry into the United States. She wants to determine how many applicants this might impact, so she runs the Non-US Applicants by Country of Citizenship – Map report. Using this information, she identifies that approximately 275 applicants will be affected. She decides to:

  • Work with her institution’s website developer to add a special section about the travel ban and how it will affect applicants. 
  • Work with an advisor who will field applicants’ travel-ban specific questions.
  • Prepare communications that will be sent to the affected applicants. 
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