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Academic History Reports


Academic History Reports provide a visual representation of applicants' academic history-related information. 

As you review the following reports, refer to the Working with Report Data page for specific information on filters and tooltips. 


  • Not all CASs collect the same standardized test information. The following help content may include standardized tests that do not apply to your CAS. 

Understanding the Boxplot

Some Academic History Reports use box-and-whisker plots, or boxplots, to show distributions of data. The name refers to the two parts of the plot:

  1. The box, which contains the median of the data (median is the number that is at the midpoint of an ordered data set) along with the first and third quartiles (25% less than and 25% greater than the median).
  2. The whiskers, which typically represents data within 1.5 times the interquartile range (the difference between the first and third quartiles). 

Boxplot 3.png

Colleges Attended

Using this report, you can identify your top domestic and international feeder schools. 

Colleges Attended.png    

MCAT Distribution

This report provides a breakdown of MCAT scores. 


MCAT Filters

The report includes a Percentile filter, as well as three additional MCAT filters: 

  • Test Score slider: allows you to filter by a test score range by either adjusting the slider or typing the start and/or end score for the desired range.
  • MCAT Score Type: allows you to filter by test scores submitted before 2015 or 2015 and later (based on MCAT changing the test format to include a different number of subjects and test score scales).
    • Old MCAT Scaled Score: a number between 3–45, with a 50th percentile score of approximately 25. Includes scores such as BiologicalSciences, PhysicalSciences, and VerbalReasoning.
    • New MCAT Scaled Score: a number between 472–528, with a 50th percentile score that hovers around 500. Includes scores such as CPBScore, CARSScore, and BBFLScore.
  • Official status: allows you to filter by official or unofficial test scores. Official scores are test scores sent to the CAS directly from the administrator of the test (AAMC, ETS, ADA, etc.). Unofficial test scores are reported by applicants in the application.

NBDE Results by Category

This report provides a breakdown of NBDE results.

NBDE report.png

TOEFL Score Distribution 

This report provides a breakdown of TOEFL scores. 


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