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Promote Changes

Note that only Onboarding can promote changes in the Application Builder.

  1. Click Promote.
  2. Enter the URL of the environment you are promoting to (i.e., and click Next. Your URL will be validated to confirm if the cycle exists in the target environment.
    • If the cycle exists, you can only promote organizations that don't exist in the target environment yet. If the cycle and all organizations exist, a message appears, stating that everything has already been promoted and you cannot go any further.
    • If the cycle doesn’t exist, then all core application data (i.e., Personal Information, Academy History, and Supporting Information) data will be promoted along with any selected organizations. Any organizations that are left behind can be promoted at a later time. ​​​​​
  3. Select which organizations you want to promote and click Next. You can choose to promote some or all organizations, all programs in an organization, or only active programs in an organization. Any programs not included in the initial cycle promotion must be done with the Single Program Promotion feature. Additionally, any organizations not included in the initial cycle promotion can be promoted at a later time through the Application Builder.
  4. Review the selected organizations. If you need to make changes, click Back. Otherwise, click Promote.

You can click View Promotion Progress to track the promotion of each organization and the CAS. Organizations can fall into three categories:

  • Failed: there was an error with the promotion of this organization. This can include no programs meeting the requirements you selected during the promotion process (e.g., no active programs).
  • Promoted: the organization and any associated programs were successfully promoted to the new environment.
  • Waiting: the organization is in queue for promotion.

You can also click Cycle History to view previous promotions. Click View Full Results to view which organizations were successfully promoted. You can click Promote again for additional organizations.

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