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Payments and Fees

You can configure the fee structure and payment processors here.

Payment Processor

Select the vendor (Cashnet, PayPal, and TouchNet) that will process application fees. Only one payment processor can be enabled. Enter the required account information and click Save.


  1. Select it fees are managed by the CAS or by programs in the first drop-down.
  2. If the fees are managed by the CAS, select the fee type:
    • Single fee per program: each program costs the same.
    • Two tiered structure: there is a primary application fee and secondary application fee.
    • Three tiered structure: also known as Client Fee, there is a primary fee, secondary fee for a set number of programs (e.g., the second through fifth program submission), and a tertiary fee for subsequent programs (e.g., AAPI, OPRESCAS).
    • Tiered per submission: also known as Discounted Fee, there is a standard primary and secondary fee upon first submission, and a different secondary fee for subsequent submissions (e.g., AACPMAS).
  3. If the fees are managed by the program, select if there is an additional processing fee (paid to the CAS).
  4. Enter any checkout instructions for applicants.
  5. Enter the fee values. Note that fees must be whole numbers (e.g., $130.00).
  6. Click Save.

PayPal Express Checkout

If you allow applicants to express pay (e.g., one-click payment) via PayPal, enter the required account information and click Save.

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