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Credentials Solutions

If you use Credentials Solutions to submit electronic transcripts, you can report your Transcript Request Form Barcode ID (also labeled as Transcript ID), which includes your CAS ID. By doing this, you won't need to submit your Transcript Request Form to Credentials Solutions. You'll need to enter this Transcript Request Form Barcode ID into Credentials Solutions' CAS Info field.

Example of Credentials Solutions CAS Info field

Credentials Solutions CAS Info.png

Depending on your CAS, you can find your Transcript Request Form Barcode ID in two ways. Note that the Transcript Request Form Barcode ID is different for each college attended. Be sure to provide the correct Transcript Request Form Barcode ID for each Credentials Solutions transcript request.

  • Navigate to the Colleges Attended section of the CAS application and click Order. Then select Order an Electronic Transcript. Click Copy to copy the Transcript ID number.
  • Navigate to the Colleges Attended section of the CAS application and click Download Transcript Request Form. The Transcript Request Form Barcode ID is found in the top left under the barcode.

Example of Transcript Request Form Barcode ID (e.g., 6010651250-695877-X)

Transcript Request Form Barcode ID.png

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