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Sprint 11 – June 10, 2018

About These Release Notes

This document provides a summary of the new features and enhancements available in the Sprint 11 release. If you have any questions about these features, please contact your Account Manager.

New Features and Enhancements

WebAdMIT Enhancements

The following enhancement is available for WebAdMIT as part of Sprint 11.

1. Admissions Users and Their Work Groups Are Now Included in Settings Transfer

This enhancement will be made available to all CASs immediately, and is dependent on not having previously completed your Settings Transfer.

When a new cycle opens, WebAdMIT Administrators are added to the new cycle by Liaison. With this enhancement, users that are not WebAdMIT Administrators are added to the new cycle through the Settings Transfer, and their previous Work Group is re-assigned. Note that any users who have already been created in the new cycle will not be re-added during a Settings Transfer. For some CASs, the program(s) that were assigned to each user in their previous cycle are also re-assigned in the new cycle. Please contact your Account Manager with questions regarding this. As a best practice, please confirm that your settings have transferred as expected after running this process.

Coming Soon!

Please review the list of upcoming events, including scheduled downtime/maintenance, product updates, and regional training opportunities.

Event Date Details
Sandbox Environment Refresh June 25, 2018 The WebAdMIT Sandbox environment ( will be refreshed with current (cleansed) production data and program configurations.  Any test exports, custom fields, etc., in the current sandbox will be overwritten.

Updates to College Coursework Credit Value Entries


For CASs that collect college coursework, the Applicant Portal will be updated to allow applicants to enter course credit values in one numeric field. This field will also limit applicants from entering more than two digits after a decimal.

Currently, applicants are required to enter course credit values in two fields: a numeric field for the whole course credit and a drop-down including preset fractional values.

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