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Getting Started with Visual Analytics


Visual Analytics provides appropriately-permissioned WebAdMIT Users with graphical reports for key applicant data across multiple cycles. Reports allow you to obtain data for year-over year trending, or current point-in-time processing (i.e forecasting, filling applicant seats, etc.).

Each night around 11:00 PM EST, applicant data is transmitted from WebAdMIT to Liaison’s enterprise data warehouse, and then made available to users the following day in a series of reports that provide a point-in-time snapshot of data as of that day. Primary report types include:

  • Volume Reports: Explores the number of applicants and applications over the course of an admissions cycle.
  • Demographic Reports: Explores the gender, age, race/ethnicity diversity within an applicant pool.
  • Residency Reports: Explores the geographic origins of applicants within an applicant pool.
  • Academic History Reports: Provides representation of the academic history-related data for a CAS.
  • Section Complete Status Reports: Provides information about the sections of the application that were completed (or not completed) by applicants who started, but have not yet submitted, an application.

Most reports, in addition to the interactive visual presentation of the data, also allow for the export and download of the raw data underlying the reports.

Note: you should only access Visual Analytics reports via the WebAdMIT production environment. Reports accessed from the sandbox and prelaunch environments contain sample data.

Distinguishing Between Applicants and Designations

When working with these reports, note the distinction between applicant-related reports and designation-related (or“application-related”) reports:

  • Applicant-related reports count each applicant once. For example, if an applicant initially submits their application in November, reports that focus on applicant submissions will count each of these applicants once.
  • Designation-related reports count each designation (application) that an applicant submits. For example, if an applicant applies to 5 different schools/programs in November, reports that focus on designations submitted will count that applicant 5 times – once for each designation (application) submission.

Applicant Milestones & Application Statuses

As applicants move through the application process, they can reach three milestones in Visual Analytics:

  • Submitted: Paid and submitted a designation to at least 1 program.
  • Complete: Paid and submitted a designation to at least one program, has a transcript scanned for each US or Canadian institution listed (if required by the CAS), and has the minimum number of recommendations submitted as required by CAS rules.
  • Verified: Paid and submitted a designation to at least one program, has a transcript scanned for each US or Canadian institution listed (if required by the CAS), has the minimum number of recommendations submitted as required by CAS rules, and has had all transcripts verified by CAS operations staff (if applicable).

Applicant Milestones are different from Application Statuses because they look at how far along in the application process an individual applicant may have come (whereas application statuses look at where an application is at any given time). Therefore, as applicants reach each milestone, they remain indefinitely in that milestone’s “bucket.” For example, an applicant who reaches the Complete milestone will also reflect as having reached the Submitted milestone, and an applicant who reaches the Verified milestone will reflect as having reached both the Submitted and Complete milestones.

Related Notes

  • The naming conventions here can be confusing, since Completed and Verified are also both Application Statuses that describe the current state of an applicant’s designation. It’s important to keep the distinctions between Applicants/Applicant milestones and Designations/Application statuses in mind when looking at numbers.
  • Submitted is also the same as Received.
  • Not all CASs verify applicants; therefore, not all CASs will have applicants in the Verified milestone.
  • If a CAS does verify applicants, the total number of Verified applicants should be as close as possible to the total number of Submitted applicants; this indicates that applicants made it through the entire process.
  • The total number of Verified designations will never be larger than Submitted or Complete because applicants can’t become verified without first being Submitted or Complete on cumulative reports.
  • If an applicant applies to multiple programs with different completion requirements, that applicant may have different application statuses which affect reporting. For example, if an applicant’s status is Complete for one program (i.e. they are assigned a complete date), yet incomplete for another (i.e. their application status is Received), then they will have different application statuses. As an applicant, however, they fall into a milestone bucket only once – when they first submit, complete, or are verified. In our example, the applicant will be considered to have reached the milestone of complete (since they have a complete date for at least one designation).
  • Applicants are considered in progress once they create an account and identify at least one program in their shopping cart.
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