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University Affiliation

In this section, indicate whether you have any prior affiliation with Boston University.

We need a Boston University ID number to process your application. If you have a prior affiliation with Boston University, you most likely have a Boston University ID and may have records with the university recorded against that ID. Select Yes if you:

  • Are currently a student at BU.
  • Registered for or attended any type of class or program at BU (college, high school, summer program, seminar, physical activity event or class, etc.).
  • Previously applied for admission to BU (whether or not you were accepted or attended).
  • Took any courses at BU (including Fitness and Recreation courses).
  • Have or have had a BU email account (
  • Are or were employed by BU in any capacity, even short-term.
  • Work or worked on a BU campus, but for another company (not BU).
  • Have ever used Boston University facilities for academic work (library, labs, etc.) or collaborated with BU staff on academic projects, even if you were not registered for any classes.

If you select Yes, you are prompted to verify your BU ID number using the BU Web Login. If you do not remember your credentials or experience any difficulties with this process, contact BU Information Service and Technology at or 617-353-4357 for assistance.

If you select No, you are prompted to generate a BU ID number which will be linked to your application. Once your new BU ID is generated and linked to your application, you technically have an affiliation with Boston University. Therefore, when you finish this section, your selection automatically changes to Yes.

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