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Other Information

Language Proficiency

Select your native language (the language of your birth). If you speak additional languages, click Add Another Language. Then, select the language(s) and the level of your proficiency in each.

Military Status

If you have US military experience, select your anticipated status at the time of enrollment from the drop-down. Select Not a member of the military if this does not apply.

Social Security Number

Enter your social security number. Your designated programs may require your SSN for institutional or federal financial aid forms. Contact your programs directly with any questions.

First Generation Students

Indicate if you are a first-generation student (i.e., you are coming from a family where neither parent/guardian completed a bachelor's degree from an undergraduate institution). 

Work Experience

Enter your total number of hours of full-time, post-undergraduate work experience. 

Additional Questions

Indicate whether you are a current or former BU student, if you previously applied to BU, if you will be using US Dept. of Defense Tuition Assistance, if you've ever taken Defense Acquisition University (DAU) courses, and if you work for one of the companies listed on the provided website. Additionally, provide your employment information, including current employer and job title. If you are unemployed, list none. If you are a student, list student.

Standard Application Questions Regarding Prior Academic Misconduct

Indicate whether you've ever been disciplined for a violation of academic integrity. If so, provide an explanation in the space provided.

Standard Application Questions Regarding Prior Convictions

Indicate the following:

  • Whether you've ever been convicted of a felony (without such conviction being vacated).
  • Whether you've ever been convicted of a misdemeanor for which the sentence was imprisonment (without such conviction being vacated). 
  • Whether you've been convicted within the past five years of any misdemeanor (without such conviction being vacated). This excludes convictions for drunkenness, simple assault, speeding, minor traffic violations, affray, or disturbance of the peace.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, enter an explanation in the space provided.

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