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CASPA Release Statement


In this section, you must review and respond to the following release statements in order to submit your application. Once you submit your application, your responses cannot be edited. Please review these instructions and the content of the statements carefully. It is your responsibility to read and understand these statements before responding to them. If you have any questions regarding these statements, contact customer service at 617-612-2080 for clarification before making your selections.

CASPA Applicant User Agreement and Release

This statement serves as a contractual agreement between you and CASPA. You must agree to these terms in order to submit your application.

Click the checkbox to acknowledge the accuracy of the information provided in your application.

The Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA) is a user friendly, secure, Internet-based application platform sponsored and administered exclusively by the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA) that enables PA program applicants and authorized third parties to provide application information that can be shared by PAEA upon request with multiple PA programs to which the applicant is seeking admission. CASPA is operated by PAEA partner Liaison International. CASPA verifies academic history information entered by applicants against official transcripts and calculates applicant grade point averages (GPAs) based upon a formula established within CASPA. Applicant information in CASPA is made available to PA programs via the WebAdMIT admissions portal accessible by CASPA-participating PA programs. PAEA does not regulate any PA program’s admissions requirements or determine an applicant’s eligibility to apply to any PA program.

In order to use CASPA, applicants must read, understand and accept the terms of the CASPA Applicant User Agreement and Release (Applicant Agreement) as provided below. “I” “me” and “my” as used below refers to applicants to PA programs and any individual using CASPA with the intent to apply to a PA program.

I understand and agree to the following terms and conditions of using CASPA and applying to CASPA-participating PA programs and certify that all certifications, acknowledgments and statements made by me below are true and correct:

  1. I will act with honesty and integrity throughout the admissions process and in all interactions with PAEA, CASPA Customer Service and PA programs participating in CASPA.
  2. I am required to maintain the confidentiality of my password and understand that I may not share the password with any person. I agree that I will not allow any person to access my CASPA account. Neither PAEA, Liaison nor the PA programs to which I may apply are liable for any unauthorized use of my CASPA account caused by the loss, disclosure or theft of my account ID or password.
  3. I understand that I am permitted to create and use only one (1) CASPA account and that creating more than one CASPA account is strictly prohibited. I understand that if I have ever applied to a PA program via CASPA, applied for a PAEA Fee Waiver or previously accessed the CASPA platform, I must use the exact same CASPA account each time I interact with the CASPA platform. I understand that creating more than one CASPA account or accessing the CASPA platform in any manner other than using the one CASPA account assigned to me may result in an investigation according to the PAEA CASPA Policy Regarding Investigations and Violations and may result in the issuance of a Report to Legitimately Interested Parties. I also understand that creating or using more than one CASPA account could be grounds for terminating my access to the CASPA platform, in PAEA’s sole discretion.
  4. I certify that I have read, understand, and agree to all policies that apply to CASPA, including the PAEA Privacy Policy, the PAEA CASPA Policy Regarding Investigations and Violations, and all policies for CASPA provided on the Liaison website at, all of which are part of this Applicant Agreement.
  5. I authorize PAEA to release my name, email address, street address and telephone number to PA programs designated by me BEFORE the submission of my application. This allows designated PA programs to send me information about their admissions processes prior to the submission of my application.
  6. CASPA requires me and others invited and authorized by me, including but not limited to colleges, universities, education programs, professors, pre-health professions advisors, and other persons ("Authorized Information Providers”) to enter and provide detailed information about me, including but not limited to, personal, academic, professional, disciplinary history, character, financial, test scores, recommendations, evaluations and other types of information (CASPA Information), all in order to facilitate the collection, compilation and sharing of information that may be relevant to designated PA programs in making decisions about my application for admission and related matters.
  7. I am exclusively responsible for the accuracy, completeness and contents of all CASPA Information that I and Authorized Information Providers enter into CASPA.
  8. I certify that all written passages within my CASPA application, including but not limited to, personal statements, essays, and descriptions of work and education activities and events, are my own work, and have not been written, in whole or part, by any other person.
  9. If I request that an Authorized Information Provider submit a recommendation, evaluation, or any other information in CASPA, PA programs designated by me will receive information about me from such Authorized Information Providers.
  10. By using CASPA, I am waiving any right I may have to review CASPA Information entered by each Authorized Information Provider, including but not limited to recommendations and evaluations submitted by them about me. I agree that I will not attempt through any means to obtain CASPA Information submitted by Authorized Information Providers, or attempt to influence or alter any information submitted by an Authorized Information Provider.
  11. PAEA may use deidentified (i.e., not containing personally identifiable information) application data I submit to CASPA and admissions decisions my designated PA programs submit to CASPA for educational research and statistical reports. The purpose of such research and reporting is to improve PA education and admissions and all results are reported in aggregate only. Deidentified, aggregated application data may include, but are not limited to, summaries of applicant demographics, application and matriculation rates, and average GPAs
  12. PAEA is authorized to release all application information submitted in CASPA to the PA programs that I designate.
  13. I will monitor the progress of each application I submit to a PA program by regularly checking my email and the "Check Status" and "Notifications" sections of the application within CASPA. I understand that I am responsible and accountable for my actions and will respond to all matters related to my application.
  14. PAEA may investigate discrepancies in information submitted in CASPA, any information provided to PAEA that indicates that an individual may have potentially committed fraud in the process of seeking admission to a CASPA-participating PA program or potentially violated any of the terms, conditions or policies that apply to the use of CASPA. All such investigations will be conducted according to the PAEA CASPA Policy Regarding Investigations and Violations and may result in the issuance of a Report to Legitimately Interested Parties.
  15. PAEA reserves the right to audit my application for any purposes in addition to verification of the coursework that is listed in my application and may take any steps reasonably required to verify the authenticity of any information or documents submitted in relation to my application in CASPA.
  16. I am responsible for knowing and understanding the admission requirements of all PA programs to which I apply. Submitting an application to a PA program for which I do not meet all requirements will not constitute grounds for a refund of the application fee.
  17. Within five (5) calendar days of enrollment at a PA program to which I have been admitted, I must notify all other designated programs for which my application is still under consideration that I no longer wish to be considered for admission to their program.
  18. I will notify the PA programs to which I have applied within ten (10) business days if I am convicted of or plead guilty or no contest to a misdemeanor or felony criminal offense. PA programs may consider new information submitted regarding my updated criminal history, and in appropriate circumstances, reserve the right to change the status of an applicant or student. All decisions regarding actions in relation to an applicant’s criminal history are within the discretion of each PA program.
  19. PAEA and participating PA programs assume no responsibility for delays in processing application materials caused by the applicant’s failure to follow instructions or circumstances beyond PAEA’s or the participating PA programs' control. It is the applicant's responsibility to review their application portal on a regular basis and report any problems, unexpected delays or discrepancies to CASPA Customer Service immediately.
  20. I recognize that PAEA does not make admission decisions for PA programs. I hereby release PAEA from any and all claims and/or damages that could result from my use of CASPA and any admission decision or action by any PA program that participates in the use of CASPA.
  21. CASPA is provided “as is.” PAEA makes no warranties or representations with regard to CASPA, express, implied or statutory, including for accuracy, availability, timeliness, completeness, or security. PAEA disclaims any warranty of title and any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement of any third-party intellectual property rights with regard to CASPA or use thereof. PAEA shall not be liable to any user of CASPA or any third-party for loss or theft of data, damage to data or delays in data delivery or processing. PAEA shall not be liable for and shall not defend or indemnify you against any third-party infringement claim that relates to or is based on a combination of components provided in CASPA. In no event shall PAEA be liable for any actual, special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages, however caused, on any theory of liability and whether or not PAEA has been advised of the possibility of such damages, arising in any way out of CASPA or your use of CASPA.

By clicking “I AGREE” below, I am indicating that I understand and agree to the CASPA Applicant User Agreement and Release, including the terms and conditions set forth in PAEA Privacy Policy, the PAEA CASPA Policy Regarding Investigations and Violations, and all policies for CASPA provided on the Liaison website at

Advisor Release

Selecting Yes for this release allows CASPA to release certain information to health profession advisors and health profession advisory committees at schools you previously attended. This information includes some application information, including your GPA, the names of the physician assistant programs to which you applied, and which program, if any, you matriculate into. They will not see documentation such as transcripts or letters of evaluation.

If you select No, CASPA will not release your information to advisors. We encourage you to authorize this release, as it is useful to advisors assisting you and other future applicants; however, it will not affect the consideration given to your application.

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