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CASPA Participating Programs and Eligibility


Many accredited physician assistant programs participate in CASPA each cycle. These programs are accredited by ARC-PA. The physician assistant programs that do not participate in CASPA handle their application processes separately.

Developing Programs

Programs that use CASPA and have applied for but not yet received accreditation are considered "developing" programs. If you are applying to a developing program, please be aware that CASPA does not offer application refunds in the event your program fails to obtain accreditation.

Program Eligibility

If you have questions about your eligibility to apply to a program, contact the program directly.

Program Deadline Requirements

Deadlines are determined by each participating program, not CASPA. In addition to determining deadlines, each participating program sets requirements for their deadlines.

The following lists indicate application submission deadlines for participating and developing programs. Use the color-coding to determine your program's requirements:

Blue Deadline Applications must be submitted by 11:59 PM ET on the deadline date. Program Materials do not have to be received by the deadline date.
Orange Deadline Application, payments, transcripts, and at least two letters of evaluation must be received by 11:59 PM ET on the deadline date. If you opted to use the PTE service, all PTE coursework must also be approved by 11:59 PM ET on the deadline date. To ensure items arrive on time, try to send all documents several weeks before the deadline.
Green Deadline Applications must be verified by 11:59 PM ET on the deadline date. Applications can only be verified once all payments, transcripts, and letters of evaluation have been received. To ensure your application is verified on time, try to complete your application at least four weeks before the deadline.
Programs may have additional requirements, including receipt of test scores, supplemental applications, etc. If you have questions about a program's requirements, contact the program directly.

Participating Programs for the 2024-2025 Application Cycle



Program Deadline (Month/Day/Year)


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