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COVID-19 Application Updates for Schools

Latest Updates

  • CAS client success and support staff are set up to work remotely and available to assist as usual.
  • All CAS application services continue to operate as expected (e.g., customer service, processing, verification).


Will official transcripts still be processed?

Yes, both electronic and paper transcripts will be processed as normal upon receipt.

Note: on March 24, 2020, Liaison sent an email to approximately 2,300 registrars recommending that schools that issue paper transcripts consider transmitting transcripts electronically via our approved transcript integration partners:

This recommendation is to ensure applications are processed in a timely manner, and to avoid any mail delays or interruptions due to the evolving actions being taken across the US to contain COVID-19.

Will student applications still be verified?

Yes, if your CAS performs verification (i.e., the process used to ensure applicants entered their coursework correctly and consistently), applications will be verified per the standard process. 

Will Professional Transcript Entry (PTE) still be processed?

Yes, the PTE process is continuing as normal and PTE will be completed once all official transcripts are received.

Will Academic Update (AU) still be processed and verified?

Yes, if your CAS has an AU period (i.e., the process used to send updated transcripts and update GPA calculations), applications will be processed and verified in accordance with the standard process. 

Will foreign evaluations still be processed?

Yes, both electronic and paper evaluations will be processed as usual upon receipt. However, we advise checking with the evaluation companies to determine if there have been any disruptions to their processes. Some are linked below:

Will test scores still be posted to applications? 

Yes, test scores will be processed as usual upon receipt. However, we advise checking with testing services to determine if there have been any disruptions to their processes, including scheduling tests and ordering test results. Here are some links:

Some schools have started issuing Pass/Fail grades instead of letter grades; how does this affect the GPAs calculated by my CAS?

CASs that perform coursework verification and calculate a set of standardized GPAs do not factor non-graded credits (such as Pass/Fail grades) into any of the calculations. 

Note: a grade of WF (i.e., equivalent of a withdrawn with penalty, withdrawn failing, etc.) is factored into GPA calculations as an F. For more information on GPA calculations, review the respective CAS’s help center.

How do I extend a deadline for my applicants?

Assuming that your CAS allows it, you can navigate to the Configuration Portal and edit your deadline date. If not, you can contact your association for guidance.

How can I communicate program changes to applicants? 

You can update your program home page at any time to reflect any changes to your program, such as deadline extensions, test requirement waivers, etc. Additionally, you can use WebAdMIT’s email feature to communicate information directly to your applicants or to notify them of changes you have made to your program’s home page.

What guidance is the CAS providing to students?

See the Updates for Students section of this site.

My school/campus is closed. How can I access student application materials?

Since WebAdMIT is a cloud-based platform, you can access applicant information from any location as long as you have an internet connection. To help you continue operating without disruption, we encourage you to visit the WebAdMIT Help Center and explore our resources, including videos, webinars, on-demand courses, and documentation. 

What if I need help?

CAS staff are working remotely and are available to assist via phone or email as usual. WebAdMIT Support can be reached at 857-304-2020 or

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