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Official GRE Scores


Official GRE scores are submitted electronically to CSDCAS directly from Educational Testing Services (ETS) using a special CSDCAS GRE code that is different for each program and different from the school's regular GRE code. Schools can only see scores that are sent with their code. Review the list below to determine your program's CSDCAS GRE code, if applicable. If your program is not on this list, review their homepage instructions in the Program Materials section or contact them directly to determine how you should report your scores. Paper copies are not accepted.

Official GRE scores from ETS can be received by CSDCAS at any point during the application cycle, even after your application is submitted or verified; however, some programs may have a deadline by which they want your scores posted. Once your official GRE scores are attached to your application, they cannot be removed.

Note that ETS provides the GRE® Fee Reduction Program for individuals who can demonstrate financial need, for those who are unemployed and receiving unemployment compensation, and for national programs that work with underrepresented groups. To learn more about this program, review the GRE® Fee Reduction Program page.

Submitting Your Official GRE Scores to CSDCAS

  1. Review the list of CSDCAS GRE codes below to determine your program's CSDCAS code, if applicable. If you are applying to multiple programs, supply each individual code to ETS to ensure that all programs can view your scores.
  2. Provide the codes to ETS and request that your scores be released. Check with ETS about their turnaround and processing times.
  3. After ETS processing, scores are sent to CSDCAS in batches and then posted to applications every 2-3 business days. Only scores that you requested using CSDCAS codes will post to your application. You can view scores attached to your application in the Standardized Tests section of the Check Status tab.

Missing Test Scores

It is your responsibility to follow up on any missing GRE scores in a timely manner. Before contacting CSDCAS customer service, first confirm if and when ETS sent your scores to CSDCAS and confirm your program's CSDCAS GRE code.

If you confirmed that ETS sent your scores to CSDCAS and your scores are not posted at least two weeks after your test date, then contact customer service and provide them with the following details:

  • First and last names
  • Date of birth
  • CAS ID
  • GRE Registration ID Number
  • School code and name
  • Test date
  • Date scores were sent by ETS

We will use this information to determine if we have received the batch and to locate your scores, if possible. If your scores aren't found, we will contact ETS to troubleshoot.

Note: if your name or date of birth appears differently on your GRE than it does on your CSDCAS application, your scores will not automatically post to your account. This often happens with applicants with hyphens, apostrophes, etc., in their names. Wait until ETS processes the scores, then contact customer service so they can manually connect the scores to your application.


This list contains all CSDCAS programs who have a CSDCAS GRE code.

CSDCAS Program

GRE Code

A.T. Still University School of Health Sciences

4547 A.T. Still U School of Health Sciences CSDCAS

Abilene Christian University

1778 Abilene Christian U CSDCAS

Adelphi University

0058 Adelphi U CSDCAS

Auburn University

7807 Auburn U CSDCAS

Augustana University

4886 Augustana U CSDCAS

Baldwin Wallace University

7005 Baldwin Wallace U CSDCAS

Boston University

0681 Boston U CSDCAS

Bowling Green State University

0703 Bowling Green St U CSDCAS

California Baptist University

4130 California Baptist U CSDCAS

California State University - East Bay

4679 California St U East Bay CSDCAS

California State University – Los Angeles

1747 California St U Los Angeles CSDCAS

California State University – Sacramento

0702 California St U Sacramento CSDCAS

California University of Pennsylvania

3006 California U Pennsylvania CSDCAS

Central Michigan University

0742 Central MI U CSDCAS

Chapman University

0690 Chapman U CSDCAS

Cleveland State University

0694 Cleveland St U CSDCAS

Concordia University - Wisconsin

4628 Concordia University Wisconsin CSDCAS

Delaware Valley University

2964 Delaware Vly U CSDCAS

DeSales University

2963 DeSales U CSDCAS

Duquesne University

0736 Duquesne U CSDCAS

East Carolina University

7480 East Carolina U CSDCAS

Eastern Illinois University

0693 Eastern Illinois U CSDCAS

Eastern Michigan University

3146 Eastern Michigan U CSDCAS

Eastern New Mexico University

4503 Eastern New Mexico U CSDCAS

Eastern Washington University

1788 Eastern Washington U CSDCAS

Edinboro University Pennsylvania

0735 Edinboro U Pennsylvania CSDCAS

Elmhurst College 

0750 Elmhurst Coll CSDCAS

Emerson College

7447 Emerson Coll CSDCAS

Florida Atlantic University

7808 Florida Atlantic U CSDCAS

Fort Hays State University

7711 Fort Hays State U CSDCAS

Francis Marion University

4378 Francis Marion U Spch Lang Path CSDCAS

Georgia Southern University

7712 Georgia Southern U CSDCAS

Georgia State University

7461 Georgia State U CSDCAS

Governors State University

4708 Governors State U CSDCAS

Grand Valley State University

2293 Grand Valley St U CSDCAS

Hampton University

4889 Hampton U CSDCAS

Hardin-Simmons University

5021 Hardin-Simmons U MS SLP CSDCAS

Harding University

7429 Harding U CSDCAS

Hofstra University

7701 Hofstra U CSDCAS

Idaho State University

4545 Idaho State U CSDCAS

Illinois State University

1728 Illinois State U CSDCAS

Indiana State University

7812 Indiana State U CSDCAS

Indiana University - Bloomington

4551 Indiana U Bloomington CSDCAS

Indiana University - South Bend

4863 Indiana U South Bend CSDCAS

Iona College

1761 Iona College CSDCAS

Ithaca College

3073 Ithaca Coll CSDCAS

Jackson State University

7169 Jackson State U CSDCAS

James Madison University

1043 James Madison U CSDCAS

Kean University

2436 Kean University CSDCAS

Kent State University

4287 Kent State U CSDCAS

La Salle University

0717 La Salle U CSDCAS

Lamar University

2244 Lamar U CSDCAS

Long Island University – Brooklyn

2303 Long Island U Brooklyn CSDCAS

Long Island University – Post

1866 Long Island U Post CSDCAS

Longwood University

0068 Longwood U CSDCAS

Louisiana State University Health New Orleans

7538 Louisiana St U Hlth New Orleans CSDCAS

Louisiana State University Health Shreveport

2213 Louisiana St U Hlth Shreveport CSDCAS

Loyola University Maryland

1215 Loyola U Maryland CSDCAS

Marquette University

7435 Marquette U CSDCAS

Marshall University

7161 Marshall U CSDCAS

Medical University of South Carolina

4870 Medical U South Carolina CSDCAS

Mercy College

7110 Mercy Coll CSDCAS

MGH Institute of Health Professions

0737 MGH Inst Hlth Prof CSDCAS

Miami University of Ohio

1038 Miami U Ohio CSDCAS

Minnesota State University

2472 Minnesota State U CSDCAS

Misericordia University

0680 Misericordia U CSDCAS

Mississippi University for Women 

4603 Mississippi U Women CSDCAS

Missouri State University

0741 Missouri St U CSDCAS

Monmouth University

4103 Monmouth U CSDCAS

Moravian College

4509 Moravian Coll CSDCAS

Nazareth College

4332 Nazareth Coll CSDCAS

New York Medical College

6973 NYMC Hlth Sci Pract CSDCAS

New York University


North Carolina Central University

4574 N Carolina Central U CSDCAS

Northeastern University

2590 Northeastern U CSDCAS

Northern Arizona University

6964 Northern Arizona U CSDCAS

Northern Illinois University

4327 NIU Schl of All Hlth CSDCAS

Northwestern University

2550 Northwestern U CSDCAS

Nova Southeastern University

4997 Nova Southeastern University Audiology CSDCAS

Oklahoma State University

3289 Oklahoma State U CSDCAS

Old Dominion University

1867 Old Dominion U CSDCAS

Our Lady of the Lake University

7519 Our Lady of the Lake U CSDCAS

Pace University

2710 Pace University CSDCAS

Pacific University

0825 Pacific U CSDCAS

Pennsylvania State University

4131 Penn St U CSDCAS

Portland State University

0684 Portland St U CSDCAS

Radford University

0170 Radford U CSDCAS

Rockhurst University

7406 Rockhurst U CSDCAS

Rocky Mountain University 

7713 Rocky Mountain CSDCAS

Rush University

0781 Rush U CSDCAS

Rutgers University

4864 Rutgers U CSDCAS

Sacred Heart University

7002 Sacred Heart U CSDCAS

Saint Louis University

4621 Saint Louis U CSDCAS

Saint Mary’s College

6970 St Marys Coll CSDCAS

Saint Xavier University

0755 Saint Xavier U CSDCAS

Salus University

7157 Salus U CSDCAS

Samford University

6967 Samford U CSDCAS

San Jose State University

7013 San Jose St U CSDCAS

Seton Hall University

4888 Seton Hall U CSDCAS

Southeast Missouri State University

7484 SE Missouri St U CSDCAS

Southern Connecticut State University

4963 Southern Connecticut St U CSDCAS

Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

0038 Southern IL U Carbondale CSDCAS

Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville

0701 Southern IL U Edwardsville CSDCAS

Southern University A&M College

4415 Southern U A&M Coll CSDCAS

St. Ambrose University

0728 St Ambrose U CSDCAS

St. John's University

4740 St Johns U Speech Pathology CSDCAS

Stockton University

3872 Stockton U CSDCAS

Stony Brook University 

4712 Stony Brook U CSDCAS

SUNY Buffalo State 

7548 Buffalo State SUNY CSDCAS

SUNY Fredonia

4892 Fredonia SUNY CSDCAS

SUNY University at Buffalo

0760 U Buffalo SUNY CSDCAS

Syracuse University

0757 Syracuse U CSDCAS

Temple University

4043 Temple U CSDCAS

Tennessee State University

4126 Tennessee St U CSDCAS

Texas A&M University - Kingsville

2885 Texas A&M University Kingsville CSDCAS

Texas Christian University

4296 Texas Christian U CSDCAS

Texas Tech University

4569 Texas Tech U CSDCAS

Texas Woman’s University

7462 Texas Woman’s U CSDCAS

The College of Saint Rose

0048 Coll of St Rose CSDCAS

The Ohio State University

0674 Ohio St U CSDCAS

The Pennsylvania State University

4131 Pennsylvania St U CSDCAS

The University of Akron

1722 U Akron CSDCAS

The University of Cincinnati 

0734 U Cincinnati CSDCAS

The University of Iowa 

0743 U Iowa CSDCAS

The University of Northern Iowa 

1748 U Northern Iowa CSDCAS

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

2156 U Texas Hlth Sci Ctr San Antonio Hlth Prof CSDCAS

Thomas Jefferson University

4618 Thomas Jefferson U CSDCAS

Touro College

4998 Touro College Speech-Language Pathology CSDCAS

Towson University

4534 Towson U CSDCAS

University of Arizona

4362 U Arizona CSDCAS

University of Arkansas – Fayetteville

7579 U Arkansas Graduate Schl CSDCAS

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

7504 U Arkansas Med Sci CSDCAS

University of Central Arkansas

0738 U Central Arkansas CSDCAS

University of Central Florida

7407 U Central Florida CSDCAS

University of Central Missouri

4412 U Central Missouri CSDCAS

University of Delaware

7459 U Delaware CSDCAS

University of Georgia

2434 U Georgia CSDCAS

University of Hawaii at Manoa

0740 U Hawaii Manoa CSDCAS

University of Houston

7481 U Houston CSDCAS

University of Kansas

4259 U Kansas Med Ctr CSDCAS

University of Memphis

1756 U Memphis CSDCAS

University of Mississippi 

4190 U Mississippi CSDCAS

University of Missouri

6974 U Missouri CSDCAS

University of Montana

0037 U Montana CSDCAS

University of Montevallo

2345 U Montevallo CSDCAS

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

0083 U North Carolina CSDCAS

University of North Dakota

4416 U North Dakota CSDCAS

University of Northern Colorado

0033 U Northern Colorado CSDCAS

University of Oregon

0772 U Oregon CSDCAS

University of Pittsburgh

6130 U Pittsburgh CSDCAS

University of Redlands

1137 U Redlands CSDCAS

University of Rhode Island 

4646 U Rhode Island CSDCAS

University of South Alabama

2691 U South Alabama CSDCAS

University of South Carolina

5821 U South Carolina CSDCAS

University of South Dakota

4333 U South Dakota CSDCAS

University of South Florida

7009 U South Florida CSDCAS

University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences

2300 U St Augustine Health Sciences CSDCAS

University of Tennessee 

0779 U Tennessee HSC CSDCAS

University of Texas – El Paso

6972 U Texas El Paso CSDCAS

University of Texas Health Science Center– San Antonio

2156 U Texas San Antonio HSC CSDCAS

University of the Pacific 

0773 U Pacific CSDCAS

University of Toledo

2852 U Toledo CSDCAS

University of Vermont

0754 U Vermont  CNHS CSDCAS

University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire

1743 U Wisconsin-Eau Claire CSDCAS

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

0700 U Wisconsin-Milwaukee CSDCAS

University of Wisconsin – River Falls

1886 U Wisconsin-River Falls CSDCAS

University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point

3685 U Wisconsin-Stevens Point CSDCAS

University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

0060 U Wisconsin-Whitewater CSDCAS

University of Wyoming

0675 U Wyoming CSDCAS

Wayne State University

0699 Wayne St U CSDCAS

West Chester University

7710 West Chester U CSDCAS

West Texas A&M University

2876  West Texas A&M University CSDCAS

West Virginia University

6934 West Virginia U CSDCAS

Western Carolina University

4302 Western Carolina U CSDCAS

Western Illinois University

6978 Western Illinois U CSDCAS

Western Michigan University

6131 Western Michigan U CSDCAS

Wichita State University

6971 Wichita State U CSDCAS

William Paterson University

3643 William Paterson U CSDCAS

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