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Biographic Information

Your Name

This section pulls in information you entered when you created your account. Confirm that what appears here is correct; click the My Profile link to make changes.

Alternate Name

If you are sending any documentation or test scores in which your name is listed differently than it appears on your application, select Yes in this section and enter the alternate information. This ensures that your documents and test scores are matched to your application. Contact customer service so they can manually match these items to your application; failure to do so could cause significant delays. 

Examples of alternate names include:

  • Maiden names
  • Nicknames (e.g., "Bob" for Robert, "Beth" for Elizabeth, etc.)
  • "Westernized" names
  • Alternate punctuation (e.g., your name appears with/without a hyphen or apostrophe)
  • Alternate spacing (e.g., your name appears with or without specific spaces)
  • Known misspellings (if a document contains a misspelling)

Preferred Name

If you commonly use a preferred first or middle name that differs from your legal name, select Yes in this section and enter the preferred information.

Legal Sex

Select the appropriate option. Then, select responses to subsequent questions regarding sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. 

Your responses are for informational purposes only. No information provided will be used in a discriminatory manner or affect your application for admission. The CSU collects this voluntary demographic information regarding the sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression of students (California Education Code section 66027, AB 620). Please note the following:

  • Providing this information is optional and not required to move forward or complete the Cal State Apply application for admission. 
  • Your responses are kept private and secure. Limited campus staff will have access to this information. 
  • This data will not be used for discriminatory purposes. 
  • This information is used to provide services to all our student populations. 
  • This information is used for summary demographic reporting in which no individual applicant's identity will be revealed. In compliance with the California Education Code, this summary information will be made available on CSU and campus websites and to the California Legislature. 

Birth Information

Enter your date of birth in MM/DD/YYYY format. For example, January 7, 1989, would be listed as 01/07/1989. Then, enter your country, city, state/territory/province, and county of birth.

Make sure you enter your date of birth correctly; failure to do so could cause significant delays with matching documentation and test scores.

In some cases, incorrect entry of your date of birth could directly impact your eligibility for financial aid.

Applicant Information (Undergraduate Only)

This section only applies to undergraduate applicants. Your responses to questions in this section help CSU provide services to students. All questions are optional. 

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