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Citizenship/Residency Information

US Citizenship

Select your country of citizenship and US citizenship status. If you were born outside of the US, indicate the year that you moved to the US.

When selecting your status, consider the following definitions which are adapted from the US State Department:

  • US Citizen: an individual who was born in the US or attained citizenship through naturalization.
  • Permanent US Resident/Green Card: an individual who holds a Green Card and is permitted to permanently live and work in the US.
  • None: an individual who has no US citizenship or visa (immigrant or nonimmigrant) status.
  • Refugee: an individual who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.
  • Other Visa: an individual who holds a visa other than an F1 or J1 visa.

Visa Information

If you selected Other Visa, select your visa type from the drop-down and enter the date your visa was issued (MM/DD/YYYY). Please note that we cannot advise you on your visa status or any related details.

All CSU campuses welcome applications from international students who hold a US student visa, exchange visitors, and other non-immigrant classifications. Contact the campus admissions office(s) you’re interested in for more information. 

Review the visa types below:

  • A1 Diplomat and Immediate Family
  • A2 Other Government Official and Immediate Family
  • A3 Personal Emply of A1 or A2
  • I690 Amnesty Applicant
  • Alien Registration
  • I589 Asylum Applicant
  • B1 Visitor for Business
  • B2 Pleasure or Prospect or Exchange
  • C1 Immediate and Continuous Transit
  • C2 Transit to and from UN HQ
  • C3 Accredited Foreign Official Transit
  • Child Lawful Permanent Resident
  • D Crewman
  • Dependent of U1 Visa Holder
  • Derivative Lawful Permanent Resident
  • E1 Treaty Trader and Immediate Family
  • E2 Treaty Investor and Immediate Family
  • E3 Specialty Occupation
  • E3D Dependent
  • E3R Returning E3
  • F2 Dependents of F1
  • G1 Principal Rcg and Immediate Family
  • G2 Accredited Rcg and Immediate Family
  • G3 Principal Unrcg and Immediate Family
  • G4 Officer Employee and Immediate Family
  • G5 Personal Employee of G1 through G4
  • H1A Registered Nurse
  • H1B Temp Specialty Occupation
  • H2A Temp Agricultural Worker
  • H2B Other Temp Worker
  • H3 Trainee
  • H4 Dependents H1 through H3
  • I Media Representative and Immediate Family
  • I551 Temp with I94 and Passport
  • J2 Dependents of J1
  • K1 Fiancé of a US Citizen
  • K2 Children of K1
  • K3 Spouse of a US Citizen
  • K4 Child of K3
  • L1 Intracompany Transferee
  • L2 Dependents of L1
  • M1 Student Voc NonAcademic
  • M2 Dependents of M1
  • N Special Immigrant Family
  • NonUS citizen Undetermined
  • O1 Extraordinary Ability
  • O2 Accompanying O1
  • O3 Dependents of O1 or O2
  • P1 Athlete or Entertainment Group
  • P2 Artist or Entertainer Exchange
  • P3 Artist or Entertainer Cultural
  • P4 Dependents P1 through P3
  • Q1 International Cultural Exchange Program
  • R1 Religious Worker
  • R2 Dependents of R1
  • Spouse Lawful Permanent Resident
  • T1 NonImmigrant Individual
  • T2 NonImmigrant Spouse
  • T3 NonImmigrant Child
  • T4 NonImmigrant Parent
  • T5 NonImmigrant Sibling under the age of 18
  • TD Dependents of TN
  • TN Canadian or Mexican Business
  • Temporary Protected Status
  • Visa Waiver Program

Citizenship for International Applicants

Select your country of citizenship and the visa type you have or will have when you study at the CSU. If you already have a student visa, please enter the date issued (MM/DD/YYYY).


Select the US state which you regard as your permanent home, regardless of your legal capacity to establish residency. If you select California, indicate whether you claim California residency and, if so, whether you have lived in California continuously since birth.

International Agent

Indicate if you are working with an international representative or agency to complete this application. If you select Yes, enter information about the individual or third-party organization.

International Applicant Details

Enter the year you moved or plan to move to the US. If you are currently an active F-1 student, enter your SEVIS ID. Note that an F-1 is defined as a type of non-immigrant student visa that allows foreigners to pursue an education in the United States.

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