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Liaison International

Citizenship/Residency Information

United States Citizenship Details

Select your US citizenship status and country of citizenship, if applicable. If you have dual citizenship, indicate your second country of citizenship.

Visa Information

If you currently have a US Visa, select Yes and enter all visa information. Please note that we cannot advise you on your visa status or any related details. 

Applicant Information

This section only applies to international applicants. If you are currently an active F-1 student, enter your SEVIS ID. Note that an F-1 is defined as a type of non-immigrant student visa that allows foreigners to pursue an education in the United States. 


Select the US state in which you currently claim residency. If you select California, indicate whether you claim California residency and, if so, whether you have lived in California continuously since birth. 

International Residency

This section only applies to international applicants. If you are not a permanent US resident, indicate the previous US states/territories and countries that you were/are a resident of. Select a date range for each previous address. 

International Additional Questions

Enter the name of the individual or third-party organization that you are working with to complete this application. If you are not a permanent resident, enter your First/Given name, Last/Family name, relationship to the applicant, and the year you moved to the US. 

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