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Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT Transfer Only)

This section applies to Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T, AS-T) applicants.

Applicants who identify in their Extended Profile that they are "Transferring with an Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T, AS-T) awarded by a California Community College" are required to provide additional information. If you are not completing this degree before the term you are applying for, go to your Extended Profile and update your educational status selection under Degree Goal. 

Click here for more information on the Transfer Applicant Guide.

Enter ADT Information

  1. Review the California Community College and ADT program information that is highlighted in gray. This information is what you selected in your Extended Profile. If this is incorrect, return to the Extended Profile to update and save. Then return to this section to complete the other questions. You can only declare one AA-T or AS-T program in your application. If you have or are completing additional programs, you should select the program that is similar to the Cal State Apply programs to which you are applying.
  2. Enter your Campus Student ID Number. This is your community college student ID. 
  3. Enter your California Community College ID, if applicable. A CCCID is a unique student-identifier generated when a student creates an OpenCCC account. The majority of students get their CCCIDs when they first apply to a California Community College using the CCCApply admission application. You may find this ID on your official college transcript or by logging in to your CCCApply account.
  4. Select the date you completed or will complete your AA-T or AS-T degree. 

Note: contact your community college counselor for assistance with confirming your awarded associate degree.  If your degree date is before fall 2011, you did not earn an AA-T or AS-T degree. 

Select Alternate Campus and Program

  1. Select at least one alternate campus. View the list of alternate campuses from the drop-down and select your choice. The list is limited to those campuses that are projected to have the space to accommodate additional students. 
  2. Select an alternate program, if applicable. If program options are available for selection from the drop-down, you have the option to select your preferred program. Not all programs are available at all campuses. Selecting the program here does not guarantee that program will be offered should your application be redirected to an alternate campus.
  3. Select Alternate Campus 2 and Program 2, if applicable. Repeat steps above until completed.
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