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Verifying APTA PT Training

APTA PT Training can only be verified if you are assigned to be evaluated by a CI on an open evaluation. If you've previously verified PT training, follow the steps under Editing the CPI.

From the homepage, click your student's name in the My Evaluations section, or click Edit in the Actions column under the Evaluations tab. A prompt appears asking you to verify if you've completed the APTA PT CPI Training: 

  • If you haven't completed the training, follow the provided instructions.
  • If you completed the training, click I have completed the APTA PT CPI online training and assessment. CPI Web automatically verifies your username with the email address used to complete the training on the APTA Learning Center. 
    • If the two email addresses are the same, you are redirected to edit the CPI. 
    • If the username can’t be verified, you are prompted to enter a different email address that could have been used to complete the training. After entering the email address, click Verify Address.

If you encounter issues verifying your training, contact PT CPI Web Support with the following information so we can manually verify the training completion:

  •  Your full name.
  • The email address used to complete the training.
  • A copy of your Certificate of Completion.
  • The date the training was completed.
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