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Common Academic Program Questions and Answers

What is PT CPI Web?
PT CPI Web allows students to self-assess their clinical performance throughout the clinical education experience, with formal documentation required at mid and final evaluation periods. The Clinical Instructor (CI) can formally evaluate the student’s performance on the 18 PT performance criteria, as well as enter notes about the student’s progress throughout the clinical experience.
What can I do with PT CPI Web?
PT CPI Web provides the academic programs, as well as APTA, the ability to track essential information about the CIs and SCCEs at their respective clinical sites. This website saves considerable ‘management time’ for all parties involved in the clinical evaluation and documentation processes. Academic programs can also view student progress at-a-glance at the midterm and final evaluation periods.

How much will it cost academic programs to use the PT CPI Web site?
The annual subscription fee for the academic program is $1100. This fee includes training and product support for the ACCE/DCE provided by Liaison International.

Under what circumstances might this subscription fee increase?
If Liaison International is asked to expand the scope of the current website there may be an increase in the fee, but this would be negotiated through APTA.

Is there any cost for Students, CIs, SCCEs, or Clinical Sites to use the PT CPI Web?

How is data put into PT CPI Web?
Liaison provides each academic program with a set of Excel templates outlining the data need for PT CPI Web. Once the worksheets are complete, the data is simply uploaded into PT CPI Web. Data can also be manually entered directly into PT CPI Web.

Does APTA have access to the personal data of any Student or CI?
No. APTA has access to anonymous aggregate data from those Students and CIs who authorize the release of such data for national analysis. Since the data will be analyzed only by groups and not by individuals, APTA encourages Students and CIs to authorize the release of their data.

How secure is the academic program’s data? Can staff from other academic programs gain access to my academic program’s data? Can CIs access my academic program’s data if they are working with one of our students? 
Only your academic program will be able to view individual CI and student records for the students in your academic program. You will not have access to any CI or student records from another academic institution. Only those students that are included in your import table (to create your academic program's database) and assigned CIs will have access to assigned assessment surveys provided by your academic program. At a given clinical site, only the CI and SCCE can access those students that are being directly supervised and evaluated by them, since their password access allows them to complete performance assessments for their assigned student only. Although the PT CPI Web is a national web-based instrument, access to individual student records is maintained at the local programmatic and clinic levels. The academic program will be able to access past PT CPI records of their students ONLY.

Will the ACCE/DCE be able to see the results of one student over all his/her clinical experiences?
Yes. We offer a view of a given student’s overall (average) and individual Performance Criteria ‘final’ performance on successive clinical experiences.

Will the ACCE/DCE be able to see the results of one site over all students seen in a given year or over two or more years?

Will the ACCE/DCE be able to export the data and when?
Yes they will be able to export and, at present, the plan is to have them do so at the end of a given term when the 'course' containing the Clinical Experiences' has concluded and all students in that course have completed their assessments. However, the export could be run at any time, collecting available data for initial review by the ACCE/DCE.

What happens if students/CIs do not complete the PT CPI training modules and pass the post-assessment quiz?
All users will have an opportunity to retake the assessment in order to demonstrate competence by successfully passing the required threshold. If users do not complete the PT CPI training modules, they will be locked out of the PT CPI Web site until they have done so.

How long does it take from when the student/CI completes the APTA training to gain access into PT CPI Web?
If the student/CI use the same email address to complete the APTA training as what was uploaded to the PT CPI Web database, the user will automatically have access into PT CPI Web. If there is a discrepancy between email addresses, a staff member at Liaison International should be notified and Liaison International will have to manually activate the student/CI.

What responsibilities do clinical sites have when they agree to become PT CPI Web users?
Three responsibilities: 1) provide timely notice to their affiliated academic programs regarding the availability of upcoming clinical experiences and assigned CIs, 2) provide Internet access for students and CIs, and 3) regularly update both the SCCE and Site profiles within the CPI Web program.

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