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Creating a New Evaluation

CPI Web allows ACCEs/DCEs/Program Staff users to create CPI Evaluations. To create a CPI Evaluation:

  1. Navigate to the Eval Setup tab and click New Evaluation.

    new eval.png
  2. Enter a name for your CPI in the Evaluation Name field (e.g., Clinical Experience II – Class of 2016).
  3. From the drop-down, select the Academic Year in which the evaluation occurs.
  4. From the drop-down, select the name of your Academic Program. 
  5. Select the appropriate Experience Type.
    • If your students must complete four evaluations in order to graduate, they are listed as follows:

      Evaluation Name

      Experience Type

      Evaluation I


      Evaluation II


      Evaluation III


      Evaluation IV


  6. Select the appropriate Period for your CPI Evaluation (i.e., Mid-Term and Final or Final Only).
  7. Click Create to return to the Evaluation List on the Eval Setup tab.
  8. Once you return to the Evaluation List on the Eval Setup tab, select your newly created Evaluation Name. This takes you to the assignment pairing page.
  9. Drag a student from the column on the left into the "Drop a Student Here" area. Use the Year filter to select the appropriate cohort of students.
  10. The Clinical Instructor section is sorted using an alphabetized drop-down that corresponds with the name of your site. The default display is "A." Select the appropriate letter from the drop-down to display the site associated with the CI.
    • Note: You can also type the CI’s first name, last name, or zip code and click Search to view a list of the sites that contain that name or zip code. Additionally, you can search by the Site Name (full or partial name) to locate the CIs for that site.
  11. Click the Magnifying Glass to open a list of CIs.
  12. Drag the CI's name from the column on the left into the "Drop Instructors Here" area. If you have multiple CIs evaluating a student, you can drop multiple CIs into the same Instructors box as long as they are all listed at the same site. All clinical instructors have access to the same CPI using their own login credentials.
    • Note: If you do not know who the CI is, drag the "To Be Determined" name to the "Drop Instructors Here" area. Once the CI is known, drop the name of the CI on top of the "To Be Determined" CI name.
  13. Click Add New at the top of the middle column to make a new pairing. Remember to click Save All regularly to avoid losing work.
  14. Repeat the previous steps as necessary to pair all your students with their corresponding CIs.
  15. When you are finished pairing your students, click Edit to open your CPI. Note the following:
    • Open Now opens the CPI within 20 minutes.
    • Schedule Opening allows you to pick a date/time to open the CPI (all times are ET).
    • Schedule Closing allows you to pick a date/time to close the CPI (all times are ET). Once the CPI is closed, you cannot edit or sign-off on the CPI Evaluation. We recommend scheduling a closing date at least four weeks after the last day of the clinical experience to allow all evaluation data to be submitted online.
    • Delete CPI deletes your CPI and all corresponding data associated with it.
    • Close Now closes the CPI within 20 minutes. Once the CPI is closed, you cannot edit or sign-off on the CPI Evaluation. We recommend closing the CPI after all the evaluation data has been submitted. Note: This option is only available after the CPI has been Opened.
    • Reopen Now reopens the CPI within 20 minutes. Use this option to reopen the CPI to allow editing for all students and CIs that haven’t already completed the CPI. Note: This option is only available after the CPI has been Closed.
    • Archive This Survey removes the evaluation from the list in the Eval Setup tab. Archived evaluations can be displayed in the Eval Setup tab by using the Archived Evaluations filter and displaying evaluations that have been Archived. Note: This option is only available after the CPI has been Closed.
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