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Exporting a CSIF

Exporting a CSIF to a PDF

If you'd like to export the entire CSIF into a single PDF document, CSIF Web offers an Export to PDF feature. 

  1. Navigate to the Sites tab on your home page and click the [Export to PDF] link under the CSIF Completion Status column.
  2. Click Proceed to Downloads Page. Note: If there is a noticeable delay, refresh the page.
  3. After your CSIF has generated, click Download.
  4. If necessary, save the PDF to your computer using the Disk icon. 

Exporting Information Contained Within the CSIF

CSIF Web allows you to query its database for the clinical sites that are affiliated with your academic program, then select your desired sites and choose fields to be exported for a side-by-side comparison of the sites’ CSIF information. 

  1. Navigate to the Sites tab on your home page and click Export CSIF Results.
  2. On the Sites to Export page, a list of all clinical sites affiliated with your academic program displays. Select the appropriate checkbox(es).
    • Note: You may only export information from a clinical site where the SCCE, reporter, or student has started to complete the CSIF. If the CSIF has not been started, the checkbox appears grayed out. To determine how much of the CSIF has been completed, view the CSIF Status column.
  3. After you are finished selecting the checkboxes, click Create Export at the bottom of the page.
  4. On the Export CSIF Results page, type in the name of your Export.
  5. The Export File Type defaults to Comma Separated Values (.csv).
    • Note: You may change the Export File Type to an Excel spreadsheet. However, an Excel export is limited to 256 columns or less. A .csv file can contain unlimited columns.
  6. Click the Check All link to check off all the boxes corresponding to the questions contained within the CSIF. To uncheck all of the boxes, click the Check None link.
  7. Clicking the Close Section link closes out that section, while Open Section reopens the section.
  8. Checking off individual question boxes allows you to export specific information from the CSIF.
  9. After selecting the information to export, click Run Export.
  10. From the Downloads tab, click the Download link to access your exported information.
  11. To delete your file from your Downloads tab, click Delete.
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