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Performing Searches on CSIF Information

To perform searches on information contained within the CSIF:

  1. Navigate to the Sites tab on your home page and click Export CSIF Results.
  2. On the Sites to Export page, use the Select a question to search on drop-down to see a complete list of all the questions contained in the CSIF.
  3. Select the question that you would like to perform a search on. Select one of the listed commands.
  4. Where applicable, type the information that you are searching for, or choose one of the available options from the drop-down.
  5. Click Search to display a list of all clinical sites that meet the search criteria.
  6. To conduct a search on more than one question contained with the CSIF, click the green + above the Select a question to search on drop-down. To remove any of the boxes, click the red -.
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