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Updating Your CSIF

  1. Log in to CSIF Web and click the 20XX CSIF Web Surveys tab on your home page.

    CSIF Web Surveys Tab.jpg
  2. From the Current Site Surveys page, use the drop-down to select the clinical site you wish to edit.
  3. Click one of the red topic names to access the sections that need to be completed or click directly on one of the sections to edit that particular section.
  4. In the Action column, click Edit Now to enter or revise information associated with a particular section if you clicked directly on a particular section earlier, that section opens and is immediately editable.
  5. To complete the CSIF, fill in the information.
    • Note: CSIF Web has an Auto-Save feature. When you enter in data or select information from a list or drop-down, the data automatically saved when you move on to the next field. This is indicated by a spinner, and then a green checkmark.
  6. At the end of each section, look for the "Section Sign Off" message. Click the box that says: "This section has been completed. If you do not click the "This section has been completed" box for each section, those sections will be "In Progress". The Last Update column shows the Date and Time that the section was last updated.
  7. Click another topic tab to continue completing the CSIF, or, if you are finished editing the CSIF, click Log Out.
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