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Downloading or Printing Your Completed CSIF

You may download, save, or print a copy of your completed CSIF. To do so:

  1. Log in to CPI Web ( using your same username and password for CSIF Web and click the Sites tab.
  2. Here the name of your site(s) and the corresponding CSIF status are displayed. Click Export to PDF.
  3. Click Proceed to Downloads Page or go to the Downloads tab.
  4. After your CSIF has been generated, click Download. Once your CSIF downloads, it displays in a PDF format.
  5. To save the PDF to your computer, click the Disk icon at the bottom of the page. A Save As window appears, where you may select the appropriate save location.
  6. To print a copy of your CSIF, click the Printer icon at the bottom of the page. A print window is displayed, where you can select your desired printer. Note that the system is not formatted especially for printing, but printing is available for those who need it.
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