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Completing the CSIF

Student Completion of the CSIF

As a student, when you are assigned on an evaluation that has been opened by your ACCE/DCE, you will have access to complete the CSIF for that site. Before you fill out the CSIF, contact the SCCE to verify what information, if any needs updating.

Your access terminates once you sign off on your Final CPI, so make sure to complete your CSIF edits prior to signing off on your Final CPI. To complete the CSIF:

  1. Log in and go to My CSIFs on the CPI Web homepage.
  2. Under the CSIFs for [Student] column, click on the name of your clinical site.
  3. Click the CSIF Web Surveys tab at the top of the page.
  4. On the Current Site Surveys page, click the Select a Site drop-down and choose your clinical site.
  5. To begin working on the CSIF, click Start New Site Survey. If the CSIF has already been started by the SCCE, this step will not be necessary.
  6. Click one of the red topic names to access the sections that need to be completed, or click directly on one of the sections to edit it.
  7. In the Action column, click Edit Now to enter or revise information associated with a particular section. If you clicked directly on a section in the previous step, that section is editable immediately.
  8. To complete the CSIF, respond to the appropriate fields. Note that CSIF uses an auto-save feature. As you complete the form, a spinning icon indicates that the information in the associated field is being saved. Once it is saved, a green checkmark appears to confirm the save.

    auto save.jpg
  9. At the end of each section, click This section has been completed. If this box is not checked, the section is considered In Progress. After the box is checked, the red X for that section changes to a green checkmark.
  10. After clicking Save for a section, your progress is saved and the Last Update column changes to the date and time of your most recent save.
  11. Continue navigating to the other topic tabs to complete the entire CSIF.
  12. When you've completed the entire CSIF, or the sections you were requested to edit, click the CPI Web logo at the top left of the page, then click the Home tab.
  13. In the My CSIFs area, click Submit under the Submit CSIF for SCCE Review column.
  14. An email notification is automatically sent to you, your ACCE/DCE, and SCCE, informing all parties that you have finished your site’s CSIF and your SCCE’s review/verification is required.
  15. After clicking Submit, a Re-Submit link appears along with the date and time of your previous submission.
  16. In your Sites tab in CPI Web, the CSIF Completion Status column displays the appropriate CSIF status (Unstarted, Started, Key Fields Complete and Full Complete) based on the progress for all of the sites that are affiliated with your academic program.
  17. In the CSIF Completion Status column, a Pending Verification message appears only when the CSIF has been edited by a student and the SCCE still needs to review those edits. Once the edits are reviewed by the SCCE, the Pending Verification icon disappears.
  18. When you're done, click Log Out at the top right to exit the site.

Editing a CSIF

If you need to make changes to your site's CSIF, follow these steps:

  1. Click the name of your clinical site from the My CSIFs area and make the needed changes as described above.
  2. Click Re-Submit under the Submit CSIF for SCCE Review column. Another email notification will be sent out to all parties informing everyone that you have finished your site’s CSIF and your SCCE’s review/verification is required.

Working in the New Clinical Instructor Section

In the Teaching Faculty tab, you'll find the New Clinical Instructor Section. To complete this section:

  1. View the alphabetical list of CIs at the site.
    • Click the magnifying glass icon to expand the details of a CI.

      CI information.jpg
    • To collapse the details, click the red X.

      CI details.jpg
  2. Click Edit CI to make updates to the CI. Edits made here are reflected in CPI Web, and updates made in CPI Web also populate here.
  3. When you're finished making edits, click Update. To go back without making updates, click Return to Survey at the upper right of the page.
  4. To add a new CI, click Add New CI and complete the fields. Click Create at the bottom of the page. The CI now appears in the list.
  5. If a CI is no longer working at the clinical site, click Remove CI and OK to confirm.
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