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Customizing Your Program

This page applies to Compact2Learn institutional administrators.

Customizing Your Program
Build custom program configurations to meet your site and students' needs.

Use the checklist below to customize your program efficiently and completely. You must configure your program when you first sign up with Compact2Learn and then continually update it every semester or year to ensure that any changes or additions to your program are accurately reflected in Compact2Learn.

1. Configure Locations

  • Create a list of locations where students can log their experiences and accrue their service hours. 

2. Configure Site Supervisors

  • Create supervisor accounts and invite them to Compact2Learn so they can access their students and review hours.

3. Configure Faculty Members

  • Create faculty accounts and invite them to Compact2Learn so they can access their students, review hours, verify supervisor approvals and rejections, and complete forms and evaluations.

4. Configure Experience Types

  • Document existing experience types and categories.

5. Configure Terms

  • Log terms for reporting data.

6. Configure Tags

  • Build custom tags for tracking additional details about students' activities.

☑ 7. Activate and/or Customize Online Approval

  • Configure Compact2Learn to allow students to submit hours for approval electronically, and for supervisors and faculty members to review those hours electronically.
  • Customize your program for Online Approval to create online forms and evaluations.

8. Create Free, Demo Student Accounts

  • Preview your custom program details as a student.
  • Test your custom features before launch.

9. Configure Online Forms and Evaluations

  • Build custom forms and evaluations for students, supervisors, and faculty members to complete electronically.



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