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This page applies to Compact2Learn institutional administrators.

Faculty members can:

  • Approve and reject student experiences and hours on behalf of a supervisor, if necessary.
  • Verify and un-approve student experiences and hours already approved by a supervisor.
  • Verify and un-reject student experiences and hours already rejected by a supervisor.
  • Un-verify student experiences hours for supervisors to edit.
  • Complete forms and evaluations.

You must first create the faculty member's account before they can access their students in Compact2Learn. Compact2Learn then sends the faculty member an automatic email invitation. Once you add a faculty member to Compact2Learn, your students can add them to a experience.

Add a Faculty Member

  1. Click Training.
  2. Click Faculty.
  3. Click Add a Faculty.
  4. Complete all required fields.
  5. Click Save.

Delete a Faculty Member

You can delete a faculty member only if they are not linked to experiences or have reviewed student experiences or hours. Note that this cannot be undone.

  1. Click Training.
  2. Click Faculty.
  3. Click the trash icon.
  4. Click Delete this faculty member.
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