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Manage Student Subscriptions and Authorization Keys

This page applies to Compact2Learn institutional administrators.

How Subscriptions Work 

Students must have a subscription in order to log activities for your program. You can choose to pay for your students' subscriptions or require them to purchase their own subscriptions.  

If you are paying for your students’ subscriptions:

  • You'll first select a subscription duration with specific start and end dates. While the most common subscription duration is one year, you can choose any duration that matches your program's needs. For example, you might choose to use an annual subscription, a subscription that lasts the entire length of a program, or a subscription for a specific cohort.   
  • Once your program’s subscription invoice has been paid, Compact2Learn will provide you with an authorization key. You'll provide this key to your students, who will enter it into Compact2Learn during the sign-up process, connecting their account to your program.
    • The authorization key will be valid throughout the duration of the subscription. 
    • If you have multiple subscription durations, you will have a unique authorization key for each subscription. 
      • If your program has rolling admission or unique subscription needs, contact your account manager. 

If you are not paying for your students’ subscriptions: 

  • Students will purchase and manage their own subscriptions.
    • New users will connect their account to your program during the sign-up process. 
    • Existing users can connect their account to your program on their Profile page. 
      • As the institutional administrator, you can view student subscription statuses via the Students tab. 

Access and Monitor Authorization Keys 

View Authorization Key Details

Using Compact2Learn, you can access your authorization key, its duration or expiration date, and the number of remaining subscriptions. If you manage multiple Compact2Learn programs and accounts, you can find each authorization key in your institutional account. To view your authorization key details:

  1. Log in to Compact2Learn. 
  2. Ensure your role is set to Institution Administrator
  3. Click Accounts, then Authorization Key

View Authorization Key Usage

To generate a list of students who have used your authorization key, click Analytics and run the Authorization Key Export. If you have questions about this report, contact your account manager.

Renewing Subscriptions with Authorization Keys

Renewal Process

Each time you renew a subscription, you'll receive a new authorization key; any previous authorization keys become inactive. 

  1. Sixty days before a students' subscription expires, you'll receive a link to a form that you can use to order a new student subscription. 
  2. Once you submit your order, you'll receive an invoice.
  3. Once Compact2Learn receives your payment and signed sales order, a new authorization key will be generated for the subscription. 

Note: authorization keys cannot be generated until the invoice is paid. If your program needs more than 60 days to pay your invoice, contact your account manager as soon as possible.

Estimating Subscription Numbers

When completing the renewal process, you'll want to confirm the length of time your students will need to use their Compact2Learn subscriptions and ensure new and existing students are included in your total subscription order. Because authorization keys have start and end dates attached to them, you may want to consider purchasing subscriptions with varying durations for different groups of students. Contact your account manager to discuss the best option for your program.

Note: you can always purchase additional subscriptions if you need them at a later time.

Expired Authorization Keys
  • Authorization keys have a start and end date attached to them; authorization keys expire once the end date has passed. 
  • If your program has any unused subscriptions at the time of renewal, those subscriptions can be rolled over to a new authorization key (up to 10% of the initial subscription order).
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