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Set Up Online Approval

This page applies to Compact2Learn institutional administrators.

What is Online Approval?

Online Approval allows students to submit their activities through Compact2Learn for electronic approval. Additionally, you can use Online Approval to configure online forms and evaluations. Supervisors and faculty can then review and sign off on activities and complete forms and evaluations through their Compact2Learn accounts. As an institutional administrator, you can monitor this process from start to finish.

Online Approval can be implemented at any time for your program, and the setup process is easy. Some benefits to using Online Approval include:

  • Eliminating paper timesheets and tracking down supervisors for signatures.
  • Saving time by logging all activities and submitting them for approval in one location.
  • Tracking any changes made to activities during the approval process.
  • Relying on the source location for all activities logged and reviewed, so you know your student data is accurate.

How do my students use Online Approval?

Before your students can use Online Approval, you must first add your experience types, locations, supervisors, faculty members, and terms to Compact2Learn. Students can only choose from what you create, which ensures their activities are recorded accurately.

Students then create customized experiences using the information you enter in Compact2Learn. Next, they log activities at the location.

Once a student finishes inputting their activities, they submit their activities to their supervisor. Supervisors can review these activities in their Compact2Learn accounts and approve or reject them.

If you choose to not use Online Approval for electronic approval of activities, you still must configure Online Approval in order to route online forms and evaluations to your students, supervisors, and faculty members.

As an institutional administrator, you can track all parts of this process:

  1. Click Training.
  2. Click Experiences to view the experiences created by your students.
  3. Click Approvals to view all approval requests and their statuses.

How do I turn on Online Approval?

Your Account Manager will activate Online Approvals during the onboarding and setup process. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact your Account Manager.

What if I don't use Online Approval?

Your students can still use Compact2Learn to record their activities. They must print activity reports and give them to their supervisors to sign.

Additionally, you must configure Online Approval in order to route online forms and evaluations to your students, supervisors, and faculty members.

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